Wednesday, May 15, 2013

"how much this gonna cost"????

My foot is wide and fat. That's the best I can describe it this morn'n.

I was sit'n there on  the couch yesterday an' I got to look'n at my pooor ol' toe. "That ain't supposed to be that big Billy Bob". Then I got to look'n at my whole foot. That ain't supposed to be that big neither. My freak'n foot is all swoled up. I diped it in hot water a few times think'n that would bring the swell'n down. Nope.....didn't help. BUT.....it don't hurt like it did the day before. Bout a #5 on the pain scale (little bastard with a hammer beat'n on my foot). "Somebody git this guy off'n me".

I been think'n bout that Louisiana trip. Damn, I ain't excitis no more like what I was a week ago. I'm think'n I don't need to be mak'n no plans for a trip. If'n I get me a wild hair to go somewheres, just go. No plans. No research. No nuttin....just go. Or not go at all.

Lot of RV'ers base their travels on "how much this gonna cost?". I ain't never done that in 11 years of RV'n. Cost don't matter. Pay as you go. Even fuel costs don't matter. I seen whole families jump on a big ol' 747 airplane an' fly across the country to see Grandma, never once think'n bout how much it gonna cost. But ya stick them in a little pop up camper for a week-end camp'n trip an' they whine, bitch an' moan bout "how much this gonna cost" for fuel an' something to eat.

Money don't matter....ya gonna spend it anyhows. Don't get me wrong now, I ain't got money stick'n out all my pockets or nuttin like that. I'm a "poor ol' boy" just like some the rest of ya. Social Security an' a small retirement check every month. Poverty level....that what it are. I just learn how to stay within my means and still be happy.

I learned me a failsafe way to save money. 'Don't spend it'. Works every time. Ya see, when ya boondock camp, ya don't have to pay rent to some hi dollar RV' Resort.....it's free, money in the pocket. When ya camp at nephew's "El Rancho Abraham RV Park an' Goat Farm", ya don't pay no rent.....more money in the pocket. When ya eat balony an' hot dogs, ya don't have to pay for T-bone steak an' lobster tails. I live on the cheap. I save money by liv'n on the cheap. That why I don't worry bout "how much this gonna cost?" when I fire up "Sally da house" an' head down the road a piece.

I were think'n yesterday bout head'n up the Texas coast, camp'n at a few places along the way. Maybe a stop in Galveston. I lived in Galveston back in the 60's ya know. Catched my neighbors car on fire "fix'n" something on the motor. Boy howdy was my neighbor jump'n up an' down. Good thing I had firefight'n train'n in the Navy. I can fix anything....an' know how to put the fire out.

Last time I was in Galveston, I couldn't find no place to camp. Got throwed out of a big grocery store park'n lot at 3 oclock in the morn'n. Park on the seawall, what surrounds Galveston, an' here come the cops....."git out, no camp'n". Park down on the beach an' here come a hunnert wild kids hav'n a party till 3am. Ya know how that went....right? I'm think'n Galveston ain't RV friendly. Anyhows, I'm just think'n.

Sure do hope I'm fit for a round of golf Friday afternoon. If not, I rekon there's always Monday. I'll go Monday if'n I feel like it or not. I got me a challenge ya know. Oh wait.....weather permit'n.   


  1. Dang Billy Bob, you got more coming in than I do. I just get SS. Of course, I take it. I will never ever get all that I paid into it back. Working for myself, I paid both halves.

    Hope your toe gets better real soon. Stay off it until the swelling goes down. Maybe you need some crutches?

  2. Just sittin chere in the Rough Canyon parking lot eattin lunch. A pitcher of part of the dam stikkin out uh da lake will be in de blog tonight. It is hot.

  3. I surely do enjoy your blog ! Look forward to it every day..1 foot up, 1 foot down ! Enjoy the adventure !

  4. Billy,
    You may want to try and use the RICE treatment. Rest+Ice+Elevate. Try and keep the heat off of it. If it is muscle, ligaments or tendons this will work best. If that does not work after a few days you may want to get an x-ray.

  5. Hope your toe gets better soon. As far as Galveston is concerned I think you have to buy a pass now to park on the seawall but I do not think it covers RV's. Any Galveston readers out there?

  6. Swelling, two weeks ago I sprained my left foot/ankle, at least that's what I think happened, when I did the same to the right foot a few years ago I heard the bone break didn't hear breaking bone this time. What I've been using is Arnicare, (Homeopathic medicine) bought at local grocery/hardware store. It seems to hold the swelling down as when I skipped a few days without the foot swelled to twice it's size.
    I had never heard of it and a friend suggested it.
    I can't walk and have to use a mobility cart so other then the pain and swelling it didn't slow me down much, just more concentration getting on and off the cart.