Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dumpster kind of day

No stories today. Just every day nonsence.

Yesterday I says...."I know what....I think I'll just go outside an' swak me up some golf balls round the yard".

I get all dress up in my "ranch'n" duds an' head out the door. Grabs holt of my sand wedge an' bout half a dozen balls. I'm gonna practice me some 30 yard chips. Well, with all the rains we had, the grass done growed up an' I cain't find them damn balls after I hit 'em. "Now what ya gonna do Billy Bob"?

This morn'n I feels like I fell out of a dumpster. An' I ain't even been in a dumpster.
 All I did was swak some freak'n golf'n balls yesterday. My back an' hip was kill'n me. Make me have some them dad burn leg cramps again last night. At 2:30am an' 4:30am, I was jump'n up an' down on my toes try'n to get me some relief. Go sit on the couch for a hour while the pain goes away. Damn....is it 9:30...."git up Billy Bob".

I sure do like sit'n round sip'n up a cup an' think'n back on all the silly shit crap I did as a youngster. Much younger than what I am today. But my life ain't been all silly shit crap. There's a serious side to the old Billy Bob also.....ya know. But I don't think bout that kind of stuff very often. Just ain't right be'n serious all the time. I always thought "serious" was for educated folks for when they got in some kind of trouble an' they couldn't work it out on their own. I ain't the most educated person alive, but I also ain't stipit an' dumb neither. I'm think'n, the only time to get serious, is when nuttin else works. I can live with that philopisphy...even if'n I cain't spell philosophy. But yes, I am think'n "serious" bout what the hell I gonna do with the rest of my life. But I got to first talk it over with Sadie Mae before I make any drastic changes. Damn I hate change.
"You hear that Obama? I don't like freak'n change". Damn that felt good.....yeee har!!!

Now I must go through all my tax files an' prepare myself for a IRS audit. Hee hee.....that felt good too.



  1. My philosophy is humor. I try to see the humor in everythig.

  2. I think you are waaay more educated than you let on.

    The dumpster picture is so funny. I was thinking, "God, I hope Billy Bob didn't convince his nephew or someone else to climb in the dumpster and pose for that picture. You didn't, did you?

  3. I've certainly had days like that!

  4. butterbean carpenterMay 29, 2013 at 4:43 PM

    Howdy # 1BB,
    That sure does look like Joey in the dumpster to me !!! Swakin' golf balls an' losin'em ain't no fun an' hurtin' afterwards, sure as H--L ain't!!! # 1 BB you a fool sometimes.. Patchin' up boats with duct-tape (my canoe come back from a 'loan-out' oncst with duct-tape all over it; fell outa a pic-em-up truk an' slid down the hiway) ain't safe in the long run !!!!!! What did them Coast Guards say???? I sure wish you'd quit belly-aching about them leg-cramps; every time you do my legs start crampin' !!!! Gotta go feed th' little hosses !!!!!

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