Saturday, May 11, 2013

Saturday already???

Boy howdy, there been a bunch of talk on the blogs bout not be'n able to do stuff no more. They all have one thing in common....they older folks. When I says older folks, I ain't talk'n bout no 60 year old. 60 year old folks is all full of piss an' vinegar...energy to spare. After that, it's a downhill trek....stumbl'n over rocks, fall'n down, aches an' pains, heart pound'n a hunnert mile a hour....cain't breath. Stuff like that.

Days turn into weeks......poooof, just like that. Here it is Saturday already an' I ain't even got my last Monday chores done yet. I really ain't got no daily chores, but was just mak'n a point that I ain't done nuttin since last Monday. What little I got to do, can be done in bout a hour or two.....or less if'n I don't take no smoke an' coffee breaks. But I don't mind step'n over stuff lay'n on the floor, so what's the hurry?

I bet ya folks think the old Billy Bob is a disgust'n trash bag kind of guy what live in a disgust'nly filthy house. Well, I ain't.....I'm tidy. Not "spic an' span" kind of tidy, but I knows where everthing is what I layed down. Well, everthing but in the kitchen. I done give up on that thing.
 There jist ain't no hope for a "bachelor pad" kitchen.

You think State Parks are expensive in Texas, you should check out Louisiana. I'm think'n if'n I goes to Louisiana, I ain't gonna be stay'n no state parks. Research has bout wored me slap out, so "that's all I have to say bout that"....Gump. "So what ya gonna do Billy Bob". I don't know...go to the golf course an' "B-slap" a golf ball?

Sometimes when I go to the golf course, I get so pissed at that golf'n ball I want to "b-slap" every tree on the course with one my golf'n stiks. You can ask old "pesky neighbor" Wayne bout that. Wayne says to me...."NO NO NO". I "b-slap" the hell out that golf cart with a hi dollar golf'n stik. Break that sucker slap in two. No I ain't no violent kind of guy. I love animals. Break'n golf clubs is a normal approach for a wonderful fun filled golf'n day. But then ya got these golfers what have self control. Don't break nuttin no matter how bad they swak the ball. Them guys ain't got no redneck blood in 'em at all. Ya gotta break sumthing guys.....Sheesh!

Rain half the night. Lightning strik'n out there in the yard. Thunder sound like dynamite. Scare hell out of Sadie Mae an' keep me awake for hours. All sunshiny today with a little 15 mile a hour breeze. 


  1. I think if I can get up the energy to go camping for just a couple nights next week, I might break myself out of this jail I'm in. Or else I could just crap out on the whole thing and continue to think about it. Are you a gambling man - which way will I go?

    I'm not a golfer and never have been, but explain to me why the ball or the club is at fault - I'm serious. I've seen my brother throw a club into the lake because it didn't do what he wanted to. Is it a "guy thang"?

  2. Glad I don't play golf. I like to fish. Tell me, when a golfer who is fishing and makes a bad cast, does he throw his pole in the lake like a golf club that didn't hit the ball in the right direction?

  3. Lol, that ain't your kitchen...you got that pic off the internet!

    Billy Bob there is a lot of things I can no longer do and I have not reached 60 yet. I find my back to be the culprit. I dread the day when I can no longer go camping because loading and unloading my vehicle and then having to set up my tent and camp puts me out for two days :-(

    Dang...where is my "tall weathered cowboy" with a son or grandson built like your step nephew Bubba to take care of us?

  4. SO GLAD THAT BB IS FEELIN' BETTER!! Keep on swakin' and keep on writin'... Great post, Sir! :-)

  5. I am sure you will find a campin spot in Louisiana that does not brea the bank.
    Soon you will be on the road again!