Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The sky is fall'n

There wasn't going to be a post today, but here goes nuttin.

Lately I've been ask'n myself if it's time to "pack 'em up" and move to the back country. Put "Sally da house" up on blocks an' live the rest of my life as a damned old hermit. Eat bugs an' roots....stuff like that.

It's been on my mind for a few years now to do just that. Not eat bugs though. I'm tired. I'm old an' I just don't have the ambition anymore.

When I turned the dreaded 70 year old, I knowed my life was gonna change. Not for the better. I've worn my body slap out do'n stuff it weren't intended to do. I've worn my feeble mind out think'n bout stuff a mind ain't supposed to think of. Every pass'n day my memory fades further into the dumpster....dang, cain't remember nuttin.

As far as blogg'n, I'm to the point where I don't even care no more. The old age thingy has knock hell out of my humor.....and of course, I don't do nuttin no more that's blog worthy. So I'll be writing shorter an' less often.

If I feel better bout myself tomorrow, I'll write about it. Laters.


  1. Aww! you are still fun to read even though you dont feel well. Have you been to the dr? Maybe there is something you can do to feel better. Surely there is a better future for you instead of eating bugs. Speaking of eating, do you eat good? I mean a balanced diet. Hope thing are looking better this am.

    1. Let me see now.....balanced diet???? Donuts in one hand an' a balony sammich in the other. Look pretty balanced to me.
      But really.....no I haven't been to no doctor. Golf'n makes me feel better...if'n I could hit the damn ball straight. And lastly, yes I eat pretty good.

  2. Billy Bob, wish I could drag you (even kickin', screamin' and squirmin') out of this funk that's got hold of you lately. Perhaps a change of scenery would do you some good, man. Don't go off being a root-eating hermit yet, okay? Somehow I suspect there's still some fire and kickin' in you yet. Perhaps it's just simmering on the back burner right now. Hang in there and don't be a stranger; I enjoy reading what ya have to say!

    1. (even kickin', screamin' and squirmin')....Yup, that's me.....long with whinn'n, moan'n an' bitch'n.
      After I read your comment, I says to myself..."let's get "Sally" ready to travel". Then I went over there on the couch, sit down with a fresh cup an' thought some more. Fell slap asleep.

  3. Heck, look at me. I turned 70 and the doc found out I am dying of an incurable disease. So far, I ain't give up on life. I want to do the things I always wanted to do. Of course some of them I can't do any more and some my wife will not let me (grin). Cheer up. BTW, bugs and roots might just cure you.

    1. Dang Dizzy....didn't know that. I wonder if'n I got the same disease.
      I don't think mentioned anything bout giv'n up on life. That would suck. I was think'n long the lines of get'n me a little piece of property somewheres in the woods. Build me a RV shelter, stick my feet in the crick an' "go fish'n".

  4. In the same boat,,BB.. Know exactly what you're saying. I'm taking a break, maybe get my mojo back,,maybe not. At this age, nothing good in my future. So, like you,, what do we do?
    Sorry I didn't do an uplifting comment. I do still read all the blogs,,tho.

    1. You da gurl Trouble. Your comments always uplift me.
      I weren't really think'n bout tak'n a "break"....I take enough of them when I'm supposed to be do'n dishes an' never end'n housework.
      I would give my best eye tooth, what ever that is, if'n I could do just half what I could a couple/few years ago.

  5. Well, BB, I sure hope you feel better tomorrow. Your blog brightens my day, no matter what you talk about.

    My "Old Man" will be 80 in July. He had lower back surgery this morning. Three or four disks have been causing him all kinds of pains in his leg. Doc is very happy with him---says he expects he'll be back hiking and pushing the lawn mower within a month. We have a wonderful neurologist here in North Texas.

    I wonder if seeing a doctor would help you feel better---then maybe you'd be more upbeat? Of course that's your call. The "OM" has had 2 rotator cuffs, surgery on hip, one elbow, several fingers, both feet, and has a metal plate in his neck. My bionic man just keeps on going.......

    Hope things look up for you!!

    1. Ya see Rose, that what I'm skeered to death of. Doctors an' surgery.
      Don't get me wrong now, I been think'n bout get'n back surgery for over 10 years.

  6. I look at those days as weather related. Met a couple next to us in a campground that is here for Bass fishing at the 3rd best bass fishing lake in the country. I don't fish and never have but the thing I want to mention about him, he is 73 years old, this is his first RV outing in a motorhome he just bought, it's a learning trip for him as he is driving it to Alaska this summer. Another youngster from Maine, neighbor when I lived there just had a birthday and here is what a niece had to say about him:(My Uncle Lou Pelletier is 93 years old today. He shure doesn't look his age and doesn't act it. Still driving his car, three wheeler, snow mobile and putters around the things he likes to do.)
    Age isn't a determining factor, attitude about age is.

    1. I been blam'n most my "depressed" feel'ns on the weather, but all the other stuff....well, you know what I'm talk'n bout.
      I think ya hit a home run bout the "attitude about age". My age attitude really sucks. My mind tells me that being over 70, ya gotta be and act a certain way...hereditary???? When my grandpa was 70 year old he was just like me. Gripe, whine, moan an' bitch bout everthing. Yup, grandpa's fault.

  7. Fixin to be in the low 20s here for the next couple of days. Gonna slow down my walking, biking and golfing for a couple of days. Looks like I will be driving in the mountains taking pictures hoping for some snow pics. That is one thing you could still do ya know.

  8. If I read you correctly & you're thinking about finding a parking place somewhere, it seems to me it's pretty normal to seek a little more permanence after a few years roaming the country and isn't necessarily an "old age" thing.

    Even for healthy & energetic young people, the most thrilling adventures in life can get awfully tedious if you're required to keep doing them, especially with no prospect of a break.

    Maybe having a no-maintenance patch of trees of your own somewhere to slide your RV under when life on the road gets to be more like a chore - even if (or especially if) it's just a simple slab with hookups and a tin roof overhead could offer you the best of both worlds here.

    Rather than tying you down, that option actually increases your independence. If the spirit moves you to chase some different weather or even just to change the scenery outside your window for a few days, you could still pick up & go whenever you want as you do now.

    But if the spirit moves you to hang back and putter about, you'd get to do it in a place that's always there waiting for you, that has your name on the paperwork & doesn't require anybody else's permission for you to be there.

    We all crave that, don't we? You could grow your own tomatoes - or bugs 'n roots, if you prefer ;-) - & your dog could claim some more permanent territory under those trees too.

    I say you should go for it!

  9. I understand 100%. I have seen so many damn doctors and racked up so many tests in the last week and a half, I'm burned out on the medical profession. I'd blog about it but Anonymous would just accuse me of being cranky, and I'm cranky alright. I'm 72 and you are a 70 yr old youngster. Life changes in a hurry when that birthday comes up, but I'm thinking about just accepting certain changes but I'm not giving up quality of life. Doctors interfere with quality of life!

  10. Love your writing; keeps me laughing. Sounds like you need to be around some younger people with more interests, not all those "white heads." Mixed age groups keeps one's mind active.

  11. Billy Bob, If you are going to be depressed, you need to get a really young girlfriend, and you too could write poetry like this older gent.

    "Stop texting that u luv me,
    I have trouble understanding
    the clipped prose of the young.
    I want to court you with
    a dozen antique phrases
    from the time before
    my hair thinned out and
    turned from chestnut brown
    to leaden grey."

    Keep blogging Billy Bob. You crack me up daily.

  12. You need to get outta that funk. Sunshine and warm weather is good.
    Just think you are young and foolish still and accept that you have a few restrictions .
    Everyday we wake up is a bonus.
    We do love reading you blog.

  13. Hermit's Baby SisMay 2, 2013 at 7:51 AM

    BB -
    I don't know what the answer for you is, as we each have our own. My hubby is 72, and can't golf nearly as good as you, but he keeps on trying as often as he can. And being around the 2 1/2 year old grandson has sure put some life in his eyes - gets down on the floor to play trains like he said several years ago he'd never be able to do again! And the weather sure can have some mightly strong influence on attitude, and the way it's been here in Texas this year has not been encouraging, for anybody - too iffy. But consider that we don't have the floods or snow that the rest of the country has, you can still go swackin', and you have many blog friends who wish you the best.

    Why not come on down towards Dizzy's way for a visit - I'll make sure Hermit Jim meets up with y'all somewhere! That should be good for all of you - lots of lie swapping and knee slapping ~ Hope to even meet you myself.

  14. butterbean carpenterMay 5, 2013 at 10:29 PM

    Howdy Funky Munky,

    Go back and read some of my comments I just put up today; that's cause Joyce's had me on the road 'familyin'' and we just made it back to the ranch.. You might oughta go to Point Blank, over on Lake Livingston; there's several bloggers there that can getcha goin'.. Of course, it's sorta foggy in the mawnin's and the humididity gets HIGH in the afternoons, but the coon-huntin' on the week-ends'll make you feel like a youngun!!!!! I can think of lots of places to go, if my GB was in the shape tha house is!! pack it up, tell the nephew, you'll see'im later and haul it!!! Come by here if you want to; we're in the middle of nowhere!!!

  15. Billy Bob,
    You probably won't see this since your post was made a few days ago but I had to write. I turned 70 4 days ago, May 2nd,I work full time as a veterinary technician for a large animal hospital. I work night shift, 7:30 PM until 4 to 7 AM, just depends on what I have to care for overnight. I have survived 3 bouts of cancer, last one in 2010. I consider every day I wake up to be a blessing as have lost many friends and acquaintances and family members.
    You may not think so, but I think you have the world on a string as Frank would sing. You own your RV, you have a good canine companion, you are still breathing in and out so that gives you the opportunity to carve your destiny any old way you like.
    I don't think 70 is old, I think it depends on how you look at it. I work with "kids" that are as much as 50 years my junior but they keep me up on the latest trends going and they don't think of me as "old", I'm just one of their co-workers.
    You are only as old as you feel, get out of where you are and hit the rose, the next Miss Vickie may be out there waiting for you to show up!

    Keep on keepin' on!

    PS I also volunteer with an animal sanctuary 4 days a week.