Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dag nab it....I'm bored

Ya ain't gonna be get'n much out of the old Billy Bob this morn'n. Not only did I do nuttin yesterday, I didn't think bout nuttin neither. This is get'n old.

I tell Sadie Mae, "wanna go for a ride?". Lickity split she go out the door....ain't com'n back inside for nuttin. Once on the road, she lay down an' go to sleep. So why the hell was she sooo excitis to go for a ride an' then all she do is go to sleep?

We pull into Walmart an' pick up my meds. My God, $80. Jump back in "that jeep" an' head across the street to Barneys house. He's paint'n golf balls or something like that......multi color paint all over his fingers. We chit chat for a few an' I got to hit the road. Places to go....things to do. RIGHT!!!! I went back to "da house" an' lay my ass on the couch. That muscle in my right leg hurt so bad I thought I was gonna die. DAYUM.....I need some relief.

I was gonna drive across the ferry boat to Port Aransas to pick up my mail, but ain't nuttin in the mail but a bank statement and monthly investment statement. I ain't been spend'n no money, so I have a pretty good idea....I ain't broke yet. Be'n that Port Aransas is a "hot spot" for tourist on holidays, I figgered I would wait till the holiday was over to pick up mail. Ya don't want to wait in a mile long ferry line when it's 94 degs outside. It's best to come back next week or early in the morn'n. I don't do "early in the morn'n", so it's next week.

Speak'n of golf. After what I went through the other day, I was think'n I would put my golf'n clubs on Craigslist and hang it up.....never play again. Well, that thought didn't last very long. I can't give up golf. I ain't broke 80 yet an' golf is the only exercise I get.
Me an' Barney was talk'n bout go'n golf'n this Friday an' he flat chicken out.....bak bak bak cluck cluck cluck.....holiday ya know. Well, the golf course is only 5 minutes from "da house"....I'm gonna go look see Friday morning how crowded they are. I need the exercise ya know.    

Nephew Joseph is home for a couple days from the oil fields. First thing he do this morn'n is cook me some breakfast. Couple over easy, bacon an' perfectly toasted an' buttered white bread. Now he's outside pull'n the oil pan off'n the 1 ton Dodge pick up. Says it's got a oil leak. Shoot, when I was a youngster, a oil leak was a simple way to change oil. Put in a quart every few days an' ya always have fresh oil.


  1. I sent you a launch points map you could check out for BubbaBoat.

  2. Isn't funny how after a certain age we avoid crowds? I used to love holidays and my car was always packed with extra clothes, ice chest and my folding chair.

    My friends and I loved to go to Galveston...the crowdier (is that a word?) the better or off for a weekend in San Antonio. The thought of doing that now sends chills down my spine.

    One exception though....the Chili Cook-off in Terlingua :)

  3. I had a a '57 Chevy convertable with a souped up 283 with solid lifters and chrome rings. Them dang rings never seated, so like you, I never had to change oil. just the filter and add oil. I carried a case of oil in the trunk.