Saturday, May 18, 2013

don't shoot no guns inside "da house"

Well....no. I didn't get to go play a round of golf yesterday. I was heart broken.

Ya see, by the time a refresh'n shower had been attended to, the winds picked up to more than a slight breeze. We talk'n bout 20 mile a hours gale force winds. Blowed the "billy bike" slap over, awning flap'n in the wind, that "damn goat" want'n in "da house" for relief.....yup, the wind was blow'n. Well, maybe it weren't all that bad, but it were enough for a "excuse". Sides that, I were skeered of being stranded on the 15th hole with a swoled up foot. Still a bit to early to be tak'n chances like that.

Oh Oh....we have a problem Houston. I were sit'n here at the computer this morn'n.....sip'n up a cup and read'n blogs. Out the corner my eye I spy a movement. It's a damn mouse. In broad daylight. He come run'n across the floor lickity split for the kitchen. When he see me, he come to a screech'n halt, turn tail an' he gone....pooof, just like that. Back up under the dashboard where I got a gazillion wires an' other eatable components. I got one them electronic critter deterrent gizmo thingys, but apparently, the damn thing don't work. So now, how the hell am I gonna get that mouse to find a better home somewheres else? I thought bout shoot'n his ass, but the first rule of RV'n is...."don't shoot no guns inside "da house".

Now the reason I say that....a few year back, my son Robert got into my firecrackers. I got some "big'uns" what sound just like a big ol' gun. Robert fire one them things up to toss out the door. He weren't no Little League baseball player, so he miss the door by a couple feet. "Big'un" firecracker lay'n on the floor, fuse burn'n fast. That sucker go off with a loud "BOOOM" what make yer ears ring like gingle bells around Christmas time. That why ya "don't shoot no guns inside da house".

I don't know bout anybody else, but have ya notice the flys? "Sally da house" is full of 'em. Hunnerts of 'em. Don't know where they all come from, but them suckers has got to go. I done wear out a brand span'n new fly swapper an' use up a half a can of spray in two days....an' they are back the next day. I even had to close the door so's they wouldn't come back in. NOTE: They are back again this morn'n. Flys suck.

And then....I got to think'n bout blog posting. The most interest'n blogs I read, contain "daily life experiences". Tell a little bit about the writer....what they do, did an' done. How they feel, what ails 'em....stuff like that. Blogs are for shar'n with others. Before ya know it, ya got a whole family of viewers. Look at your side bar....see all them followers?.....they want to know. What's my take on "cut an' paste"? Not a whole bunch....but that don't mean I don't read 'em. I know that behind every cut an' paste, there is a real person want'n to "come out".

Hot damn it's a beautiful day outside today. That what I said bout yesterday too. Other than the wind an' "hot", south Texas is hav'n beautiful weather. Speak'n of hot....yesterday got up to somewheres bout 96 degs here at "da house"...accord'n to Walmart special temp thingy. Damn I still think that thing lies to me. It's 94 degs as I type this....accord'n to that damn unpredictable Walmart special temp thingy. A nice 20 mile a hour breeze out the SSE......great for "bubba" boat'n an' kayak'n. An' golf ball swak'n. Or any other outdoor activity where ya don't mind stuff blow'n all over the place. Have ya ever see a tent take off in the wind? That's funny. Sucker go a mile before it settle down for you to retrieve it. Run over little kids play'n on the beach....stuff like that.

Well, that's it for today. I got two days to get my foot right for Mondays golf swak'n with OFM Barney. If'n he wins me, I have a excuse to fall back on. Like old "pesky neighbor" Wayne used to say...."my author-itis is bother'n me today".   



  1. I think what you mean is when he wins as usual. jajajajaja

  2. You are wise to let your foot rest so you will be at the top of your game with the OFM.

  3. Don't step on that mouse trap with that sore foot tonight....

  4. Flys and meeses can sure be a nuisance, hope you can kick them out soon.