Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Junk....this post is junk

I'm at the "hard" turn'n part in my life. Things ain't go'n good.

Ya see, I just don't give a care no more. It's not one them things what pop up one day an' is gone the next. This has been com'n on for quite some time. Little by little, what was once a priority (fun stuff) in my life, just don't matter no more. Oh sure, there's golf ball swak'n an' fish'n, but there's much more to life than that. Shoot, I ain't even been fish'n in bout 6 months. An' even then, I didn't catch nuttin. Just puttered round Falcon Lake in the "bubba boat" try'n to keep Sadie Mae from jump'n out. And golf'n....well you seen the score cards, Barney beats me every time.

Yesterday I was say'n something bout being serious once in a while. Well, I'm serious as a heart attack, I'm tired. Not so much tired, but more like wore slap out. Kind of like a old Ford "flathead" with 200 thousand miles on it. Rods knock'n, wrist pins slap'n the cylinders, rings an' valves all burn up, white smoke com'n out the exhaust pipes....wore slap out. Ain't no mechanic on earth can fix something like that. Not even with duck tape an' WD-40.

Speak'n of duck tape an' WD40, I been think'n bout get'n me a patch up job. But I don't think that gonna happen any time soon. Ya see, the old Billy Bob is skeered to death of some guy wear'n horn rim glasses an' a white robe with a big ol' knife in his hand. I ain't never been in a knife fight before, but that guy is gonna have a fight on his hands with a "crazy" man.

So there ya have it....the gloomy side of another wonderful day.

Now, look'n on the bright side. There ain't no sunshine an' the wind is blow'n a hunnert mile a hour. That makes for a wonderful day....NOT. Oh boy, are we gonna have us some kind of fun today. I could go outside an' fly me a kite....lift my skinny ass plumb off'n the ground into the neighbors yard. Yeah, it's blow'n that hard.....an' that sounds like fun. Grrrrrrrrr.....

I used to make kites for the kids ya know. Make 'em out of bamboo sticks an' brown paper bags. Weren't no plastic Walmart bags back then ya know. Ya had to do with what ever was at hand. But I didn't like reel'n them suckers back in. That take forever wrap'n all that string round a hammer handle. So's I hook 'em up to my big ol' deep sea fish'n poles. Then I make the kids reel 'em back in. They loved it crank'n them fish'n reels, an' I was happy to see their smil'n faces. Parents don't do that shit no more. They got lazy. Buy store bought ones an' let the kids figger 'em out. Grrrrrrr to lazy parents what ain't got no time for their kids.

Have I plumb forgot about my Louisiana trip? Oh hell no, it's sit'n over there on the stove on a back burner simmer'n away. Am I excitis? Hell no. That's the problem, I ain't excitis. I ain't even listen to my cajun music in a few weeks.

Speak'n of cajun music, have ya watch "The Voice"? There ain't no way I could vote for just one of the finalist. But I do have my favorites. They all made the cut last night.....yeee haw!!!

Cajun music cranked up....go'n outside.....laters


  1. I wish I could tell you to go ahead and get surgery if you need it, but I'm facing it and not too happy about it either. I almost wish they would tell me my heart wouldn't make it, so cancel the whole damn thing!

    By the way, I've meant to thank you for the link to Cajun video. I love the music but don't often get to hear it - got rid of my cajun and zydeco tapes long ago.

    Hang in there Billy Bob, we're both too young to give up.

  2. Billy Bob, it sounds like you're describing depression. I think you can get some fixin' for that that leaves a knife out of the package. Good luck to you!

  3. We've been parked/hidin' out in Ellis Kansas, of all places!! Windy as *ell. Gettin' tired of tornado watches and warnings and air raid sirens and headin' for a shelter up the street at the church. I'd leave but the high winds are white knuckle drivin' for sure and that's scary too! I, like you, am getting older and less enthused about things but, on the good side, I ain't pushin' daisies either !! LOL.. We don't look for crowds and kinda avoid big city driving. Love secondary roads and small RV Parks in the trees and by water. Keep your chin up and keep up your wonderful blog. I look forward to your hijinks, good or bad. Charlie/Rolling Earthquake.

  4. When my kids were young, we used t vacation on the Outer Banks of N.C. I would fly kites on my big ole serf pole. The kite put more of a fight than most of the fish I caught.

  5. Get excited about Louisiana, just pack up and go have too much fun.

  6. Who in the hell wouldn't be depressed living in a windy, wet, depressing place for so long. I thought the idea of RV'ing was to live the unusual. Get up off your rump and get going.

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