Saturday, August 24, 2013

Billy Bob beef stew soup.....yum yum


For those want'n a recipe, I don't do recipes. I go by what sounds "good" to me an' my taste buds....what are bout dead. Everthing taste like chicken ya know.

Billy Bob Beef Stew Soup: If'n ya ever make beef stew, this is gonna be easy.

Ya grabs a big ol' pot what will hold bout 2 gallon....or maybe 6 quarts. It really don't make no matter.  Pour bout 1/4 cup extra virgin in the bottom. Careful not to catch it on fire.
Cut ya up bout 2 1/2 pounds of beef.....not chicken an' not pork. Although they both make a good soup. Cut them pieces in bite size, bout 3/4 inches, not big ol' 2 inches square thingys what you are likely to choke to death on. Throw 'em in that super hot pot an' stir 'em so's they all brown bout the same. Brown'n is important, specially if'n ya bought some meat with a good content of "fat". Fat is good. Think flavor. At this time ya want to add a bunch of salt an' pepper. This is gonna be a big pot of soup so don't be stingy. Wild guess here...bout a teaspoon each....????? Put too much, ya cain't take it out.

Bout the time that meat is all browned up, throw in a hand full of onions, chop up of course....bout a medium will do fine. Smash 4 or 6 big cloves of garlic, chop 'em up a bit an' throw them in there too. You did lower the heat, right? Well, if'n ya didn't, do it now....medium is fine. Wait exactly 3 to 8 minutes before ya pour in a whole gob of beef broth (4 or 5 cans). At this time, I must warn ya, never ever use generic OR low fat beef broth. Flavor ya know. Put a lid on it, lower the heat just a smig more an' let 'er boil for a bit.....something like 20-45 minutes be just fine. Some chefs call that a simmer. That loosen up the beef so's it ain't like eat'n shoe leather, but you already knowed that....right?

We at a point where we gonna put some carrots in there. Three medium size is fine 'cause we gonna be add'n some more later. Again I stress bite size....choke issue ya know. Now if'n celery weren't so blamed expensive, I would suggest some chop up celery. What?....quarter cup or so? Up there in your spice cabinet, see if'n ya got some dried celery flakes....bout a teaspoon be just fine. You decide.  Hint, the celery flakes do make it taste much better.
Quickly peal a couple taters, cut in bite size pieces ya know. Ya see, if'n ya wait too long to put the taters in there, the carrots are gonna be overcooked (no more than 5 minutes between carrots an' taters). Onest the taters are in there, throw in two hand full of wide noodles.  Bring 'er up to a fast boil an' lower back to a simmer (still boil'n). Watch the clock....8 minutes. Now it's time to add some vegetables.
This is a excellent choice of vegetable, but you could always use what ever fits yer fancy. Ya want something like a couple cups. 
Now it's time to finish up the beef stew soup. Grab holt to a pac of McCormick Beef Stew seasoning. Yup, ya put that in there too. Remember, we think'n flavor here. I been knowed to use 2 pacs of seasoning depend'n on if'n I want it to taste like beef stew, stew soup or soup.

So there you  have it....enjoy.


  1. it does look good ?? a recipe as good as the cherry cake??

  2. Wow! That is soooo yummy looking. Any chance to share a recipe? I don't mind the type that are "pinch" of this or "dash" of that. :)

  3. You are tantalizing me with pictures of that stew! Sure looks good.

  4. Can some and send it up this way. . . I could enjoy a BIG bowl of that great looking stew.

  5. Sounds like a wpnderful tasty stew/soup, thanks for sharing with us.

  6. Umboy, this has my belly rumbling for a big bowlful, then seconds! I don't believe your taste buds are hindered/dead at all; any body that can cook a potful of delish like this knows TASTY, no doubt about it.

  7. I was wondering if you were okay?!!!!!!! Guess you are..we took a trip to Hood River Oregon to see if Ben from Texas's daughter Autumns Bagel shop was open, dad nabbit all it was sunday she was closed, wanted to meet her and tell her how much I miss her daddy Ben from texas, it was hotter than a Serrano chili!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Anywhooooo your stew sounds good and not to hard to make, I have some sirloin frozen I need to cook up, it is getting cooler in the evenings and mornings, school starts September 3, 2013 we live by a high school the kids act like they want to go to prison or something, most the parents don't care about them, dad blasted it all, I could cook up that stew and go out and get some student volunteers to chow it down with some southern cornmeal biscuits to boot, they would be voracious diners and thankful for sure, good you are up and about and having some good beef stew..Love your blog, take good care of yourself billy bob and your doggie too..I see you got's the a/c put up and keeping your place nice and cool..Have a great week and don't get upsett over nothing life is for those of us who have some time to enjoy retirement ciao!