Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Updated.....Diesel locomotive on the roof

Holy crap, somebody park a dad gum diesel locomotive on my roof. That what it sound like anyhows. When that new a/c come on, you know it. I'm go'n with poor design on this one. Ya see, when the a/c kicks on, the compressor vibrates, what is normal. A well designed a/c unit does not transmit that vibration throughout the entire roof structure, down the walls and make little vibrating ripples in the standing dish water. Well, it ain't really that bad, but when it kicks on, I knows it. In case ya wanna know, it works just wonderful. It's cool in "da house".

One time when I lived on the boat, I built a "Billy Bob" heat pump. Put that noisy sucker right under my bunk. When it come on, ya wake up right now. The guy what design that a/c needs to go back to "design" school. But cool, I had me the coolest boat on the block (dock). Just don't invite no chick-a-babys to spend the night.

Today I got some stuff to do. Important stuff, like pick up all the junk out there in the yard....what I throwed out of "da house". The pile gets bigger as each day passes. "Put it in the VW Billy Bob". The VW bus is my storage facility ya know. I got stuff in there I ain't use in 10 years an' ain't never gonna use again. But it's good stuff....you never throw good stuff in the dumpster.

What I'm try'n to say, is that I am mak'n preparations for departure. I'm think'n if'n I was to put my mind to it, I could be out of here in a couple days headed west to Deming, New Mexico. But.....!!!
I have to make one more trip to Port Aransas, pick up my mail an' buy me up enough smokes to last for 4 months. Walmart to refill my meds, buy a few groceries....donuts an' stuff like that. Drop by the bank an' get me a few hunnert dollar bills for pocket change. A trip to the laundromat, wash up all those dirty clothes sit'n in the bedroom. That gonna eat up a full day...or two......dang!!!

Am I excitis??? Well hell no I ain't excitis. There's work involved an' I don't like work no more. There was a time though, I would stop work only 'cause I couldn't see no more. The sun done went down...it were dark. An' I was probly hungry too. Boy howdy, if'n I was only younger again. *Sigh!!!*

 Whoa boy howdy, them nasty clothes are now clean. Although they are still sit'n out there in "that jeep" patiently waiting to be carried inside. Maybe when it cools down a bit.

And speak'n of cool'n down a bit, I don't remember who said it, but something else broke. Not all the ways broke, but the a/c in "that jeep" is get'n close to broke.
Ordered a new accumulator and a "fizzlestik" orifice tube for it. Couple cans of "cool juice" an' I be good to go. At least that what I'm hope'n for.   

Ok....things to do ya know....laters.


  1. Better check your tires to make sure the goat hasn't eaten parts of them off the rig.

    1. Hey Barney, don't you think he and Sadie May should take that ole goat with him. I know if'n he don't, he will surely miss it.

  2. Get already to go and hit the road, travel safely.
    To bad about that noisy AC unit but at least you cool.

  3. Billy Bob on that Jeep you gonna replace that dyer and compressor add a pound or 2 and not pull a vacuum on it???? I got to do one on the an F-350 7.3 IDI and was looking for advice.