Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hunnert mile a hour golf ball

Oh boy, yesterday it seemed so easy to load up my crap an' hit the road. NOT!!!! If you think I'm fit as a fiddle an' ain't got no pains, you got another thing com'n. This shit stuff ain't easy.

After spend'n 3 hours do'n my laundry, I could hardly get out of "that jeep" when me an' Sadie Mae got home....much less carry that big ol' basket full of clothes in "da house". I was hurt'n like a sum-a-gun....I betcha a dollar. No more work for the day.

I been want'n to go swak me up some golf balls, but been kind of skeered of all that twist'n an' turn'n ya gotta do. Spend the night jump'n in an' out of bed with leg cramps all night. So.....
I go's outside, grabs my trusty driver, a ball an' a tee......KAAAPOOOOW, I swak a ball. It hits a fence post go'n a hunnert mile a hour an' that sucker come right straight back at me go'n a hunnert mile a hour. That's all for the idea of swak'n golf balls for one day. I could'a been knock slap out by that damn golf ball.
That remind me the time I tee up my ball, swak that thing a good'un, hit a tree an' it come all the ways back to where I'm stand'n. Why would anybody plant a tree that close to the fareway? An' them holes in the ground full of sand....I would rather hit a ball out of water than hit one out of sand. Sand traps suck.  

Now.....bout that a/c in "that jeep". Yesterday I was all fire up, "gonna fix this thing". Well, it's not a 2 hour job. I got to let all that "cool juice" out, replace the accumulator an' orifice, evacuate an' recharge with new "cool juice"...that takes time. With my coffee an' smoke breaks, that's a "lot" of time. So here what I gonna do....ain't gonna fix it till I get to Deming.....when ever that is. It ain't like I gonna need a/c in "that jeep" when it's hook up to the back of "Sally da house" go'n down the road....right???

Yesterday something go wrong with Google. It didn't update my blog after I punched that publish button. That was strange. After I "updated" later in the day, it show right up....poooof, just like that. I rekon the Google "gurus" was mess'n with stuff. I was think'n Blogger was work'n just fine, but if'n ya look at Yahoo, they do'n the same thing....mess'n with stuff. There ain't no call to fix something that works.

I had me a old 1956 Ford. Run just fine, don't miss a stroke, fire'n on all 8....so's I mess with it. Sheesh, now that sucker spit an' sputter, backfire, die when I trys to go...I done mess with stuff. It took a week before I get that thing back to run'n like it was before I "mess with stuff". "DON'T MESS WITH STUFF BILLY BOB!!!!"

As promised, but late, here is that new A/C unit on the roof. Boy howdy I mean to tell ya, that sucker is work'n fine. Even with the door wide open so's Sadie Mae can go in an' out, in an' out....goat come in if'n he want to.


  1. Billy Bob, ya fool most of the people into thinking you are doing poorly and have so many pains. I know you're trying to psyche me out to think I can arm rassle ya without staying in shape!

    You hit that golf ball that ricocheted back at ya AFTER you did your laundry? I bet I can figure out which item you put back in the dirty laundry bag first! You could have killed yourself, man, or at least gotten knocked silly.

  2. you found my boots, the a/c looks good, and it runs like a train, but cools. You should slow down a bit before heading to Deming. speaking of golf we were down in south Miami Florida. we pay one time and played all day, 10hrs of golf, boy that was dumb. 18 would been just fine. why you ask cuz I wouldn't have bought me a new/old set of club. Ping S58's, titlist drivers, White Hot Odyssey Mid putter. you take care and rest. Love Ya...

  3. Nice looking AC unit and it cools, too.

  4. I LIKE the new header picture!