Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Icicles on the door knob

There's not a bunch I can say bout yesterdays trip to Houston. Just another day. A physically miserable day.

While I was walk'n the aisles of the PPL r/v parts an' goodies store in Houston Texas, I forgot all bout my aching back an' a throb'n headache. I was a kid in the candy store.
"I want this, I want that.....Ummmm chocolate."
A brand spank'n new propane detector an' a light for over my stove was the extent of my "candy" purchases. Installation of these two items will be performed in my leisure time....if'n I ever get any.

The old a/c unit was removed from the roof and the new one set in place.

I'm sit'n there look'n through the box that the new control panel and digital thermostat came in.

"Where the hell is the instructions an' shit"??? Google failed to be my best friend, all installation instructions have been hidden from public view, just like Obama's past has been hidden from public view. "Now what ya gonna do Billy Bob"?

Now I got to think'n bout the situation....no instructions an' shit. "Why wouldn't this brand spank'n new a/c unit work with the "old" control box"? So's I plug in the new unit to the old box.....turn the breaker on, flip the fan switch on the old analog t-stat....the fan come on a hunnert mile a hour. Well what ya know bout that??? Then I turn it to cool. Yikes, cold air is fall'n out my ceiling vents. And they tell me this won't work without install'n a new control box. Haaa, I rekon the old Billy Bob done prove them wrong. It work just fine. I set the t-stat on 78 degs an' in nuttin flat it is 78 degs. I'm gonna like my new a/c unit. Photo of the new a/c will be posted laters. I ain't go'n up there while it's rain'n.

It's get'n cool in "da house" while nephew Joseph an' crew button up the roof duties. I'm look'n at the control box wiring an' t-stat wiring. Hmmmmmm, I betcha a dollar I can do this. Ok, I get the wiring all figger out....maybe, but gonna wait for cooler weather to try a Bill Bob wiring job. Like possibility when I am stuck over there in Deming.

I was sit'n here watch'n the tv the other night. It got boring....nuttin on to spark my interest. So's I look at my "comfort" list. That's a list of stuff I wrote down to make my life in "Sally da house" more comfortable. I scratched off the bed topper. It's installed an' the comfort is astonish'n....been a while since I sleep this good. There ain't much more I can put on that list to be more comfortable....I got everything!!! Well, maybe not a comfortable chair to sit in while I waste away my life in front of a tv. Would love to have a recliner, but ain't no room for one....the couch stays. What I gonna get new foam installed in the "sit yer scrawny ass here" part. That's a Deming project.....more $$$$.

The awning has been repaired so it will roll all the ways up. Had three "boys" help me with that....while I supervised. Now I ain't got nuttin more to fix. "What ya gonna do now Billy Bob" Watch the damn TV I suppose. 


  1. Hiya Billy..felt kinda bad for ya when I read about your AC bitin' the dust. This morning our AC bit the dust too! Now I've heard about the virus thingies. Do ya suppose your AC sent me a virus via the internet?? Makes ya wonder, doesn't it?? Ours just stopped and hummed..no breaker trip or nothin'. Matbe it didn't know the words to the song?? Keep havin' fun!! Why don't ya meet up with us in Longbeach, Miss. in October at Magic River CG.($12/day) We could share a cup. Rolling Earthquake.. Charlie

  2. Sure glad you got the AC working. I know you are "hot stuff" but even hot stuff needs cooled off now and then. Yes, PPL has almost everything you could want. That is where I bought my present RV and they sold my class-C for me. I couldn't find my proof of insurance and they sent it to me in an email almost immediately after I called them. Yes, I also bought insureance from them for the RV.

  3. Good stuff picked up stuff, got A/C installed, fixed awning now just wait for somethin else to break down for you to fix.