Sunday, August 4, 2013

California trip 2002/2003

Grrrrrrrrrr, growl......cuss cuss.....damn, lost a whole blog post. Took two hour an'....pooof, it's gone, just like that.

Now here's what I was try'n to say......I write nonsense, But you already know that, right?

Lately I been writ'n bout a few childhood memories....adventures an' misadventures. Jist 'cause it says in the title, up there on the top, "Billy Bob's Travels", that don't mean I'll be travel'n ever day. Or camped at some exotic RV resort with a hunnert an' thirteen touristy things to do ever day. I got to do with what I got....nonsense.  

But if'n travel is what ya want, travel I got. But of course, when I travel, ya gotta put up with some nonsense too.

Me an' second "first mate" Dee Dee decides we gonna take us a trip to California.
 I been there before, so's I know how to get there. "Alice" is run'n pretty good, get'n bout 6.8 mile a gallon, hit'n on all 8 cylinders....horsepower to spare. We heads north out of Port Aransas to San Antonio. Check on the house....see what the neighbors stole while I was away for a week. Thiev'n bastards steal everthing I got. Even lift a big ol' 400 pound lawn tractor over a 4 foot fence. Garage door is wide open, everthing gone....poooof, just like that.

We make our way west the following day, after spend'n all night driv'n nails board'n up broke doors, replac'n broke locks....just security stuff ya know. Arrived in Del Rio that afternoon. Look around and says...."to hell with this", we gonna go visit Judge Roy Beans place. Dee Dee spend a hunnert dollar just like that, buy'n touristy stuff. Drink a couple brews in the Jersey Lilly saloon (just kid'n) an' spend the night.
Yeee Haw....move 'em out, rawhide....we go to Seminole Canyon State Historic Park an' Big Bend National Park. "Where all the pics Billy Bob"?
Dee Dee ain't never see no mountains an' Indian hideyholes before, so she was some kind of excitis....squeal'n "Oh Look".  She from New York City ya know.
Santa Elena canyon in the background. That the Rio Grande river run through that cut in the mountains.

We crank up "Alice" and head west on a twenty mile washboard dirt road. I named that road the last time I was here...."the dirt road". That were bout the roughest road I ever drive on. Fifteen twenty mile a hour the whole ways.
This is the smooth part. Back there by them mountains it get hairy. Big ol' ruts in the road....stuff like that. 
But first we stop off an' see where old Gilberto Luna used to live. Raised a big ol' family in that condo....rocks, sticks an' mud.
We headed on to Study Butte an' Terlingua Texas. Be there by mid afternoon I betcha. Eat up a bite an' take a look see how people live a hunnert year ago.

Most all the houses an' buildings in Terlingua are built out of roaks, probly 'cause that's all there is in Terlingua.....rocks an' a few stiks. I took to the place real quick like think'n I might some day move all my junk here an' camp for the rest of my life. Right.....!!! I tried camp'n for a week in July a few year back. Thought I was gonna die. It were 90 degs at 11 oclock pm. Ain't nobody sleep in them temps.

The cemetery was my favorite tourist attraction. Not that I like to look at dead people or nuttin like that, I like old historic graves.

Well shoot, I ain't even half way to California an' I got to get this in the mail before the mailman come. Maybe tomorrow we will make it to Arizona.....what ya think? 




  1. I enjoyed riding along with you. Hope to tag along on the rest of it. Good post, B.B.

  2. Well you got me with ... "I been there before, so's I know how to get there." cracking up then I saw your robbery news. terrible ... then your pictures of that hot dry area ... where I've been and I sighed ~ it's all interesting and beautiful in its own way but not my thang.

    Then you cracked me up again with the "ain't never see no mountains an' Indian hideyholes"

    hahaaaaa ... Indian hideyholes... oh, lord... hahaaa

    and so well then I leave you with the cemetery being your favorite and I say whatever steam yer bean... and what a fun ride going along with you ... I'm with Dizzy, looking forward to tagging along... ;)

  3. That post was too short Billy Bob... :-)

  4. Good posting , you can only go so far in one day, sounds like a fun trip.