Saturday, August 10, 2013

I ain't go'n to bed....not yet

Further recliner discussions will be filed under "not at this time".

Ya see, I was sit'n here look'n at the thousands of recliner choices that pop up on my computer screen' when I clicks a button, an' I'm think'n....."them are some plumb ass ugly recliners". Some of 'em look pretty good in the photos, but when I visualize them over there where the couch is at, they don't look so good no more. I think I'm like'n the looks of that couch much better. So....gonna do some research on "chang'n the foam in a couch".
I just know...."I can do that".

Have ya ever dread go'n to bed?? Well, that what the old Billy Bob been do'n lately. I been stay'n up till almost 2am every night just so I don't have to go to bed. Lay there think'n for a couple hours, freak'n bad dreams, a few nightmares, uncomfortable, toss an' turn....and them god awful leg cramps. Stay'n up late has took care of most that stuff. But I don't want to make it a habit....just temporary ya know.
Cain't wait to get that topper. Be go'n to bed at 9pm when I get that sucker installed....sleep for 4 days. Yeah boy howdy!!!

I ain't got no bad news to bitch about this morn'n, feel pretty good matter of fact. An' I ain't got no good news worth mention'n bout neither.

Hee Heee....I'm a wizard. Talk nephew Joseph into go'n to the propane place an' get my bottle fill up. We gonna be Weber grill'n now. I like grill'n ya know....been do'n it for right at 50 years or so. There ain't nuttin like smoke an' flames com'n off a a rack of chicken legs...turn them suckers black. Char grill....oh yeah mama. I little unknown trick to grill'n perfect big ol' fat hot dogs. Before ya throws 'em on the hot grate, run a knife blade down the side....slit the skin one end to the other. Them suckers swell up big an' fat eat'n size I betcha a dollar. As with anything grilled, a perfect hot dog, has to be a bit on the burned side. Take it off the grill just before it catch on fire.....you good to go.

Speak'n of grills, here's a must read for the new followers....by the old Billy Bob his self.
Jet Powered BBQ Pit.
There are times I go back an' read bout some the silly stuff I done in my life. This story is beyond silly, it were plumb dangerous. Enjoy.

Ok....I got dishes to do, among other things.

My god, who came up with the idea to go back an' read Billy Bob adventures??? I been read'n for on to two hours now....roll'n on the floor ya know. That guy was some kind of a nut. I would never do some the stuff he did when he was young feller......damn!!!



  1. You need to make a book out of all your old blogs and sell it on Amazon. Bet you make a million!!

    1. Don't need a million Dizzy....I'm good!!! Ya see, some people don't think they can be happy unless they got a million dollar stashed in a sock somewheres. Unhappy all their life 'cause they ain't never make a million.
      My granpappy tole me ya cain't buy happiness no matters how much money ya got.

  2. butterbean carpenterAugust 10, 2013 at 4:17 PM

    Howdy Barnacle Bill,
    While being employed with the TEXAS&PACIFIC RR, back in the '50s, I got to see an oxygen bottle act like a 105 Howitzer !!!
    One of the fork-truck drivers had several oxygen bottles, laying across the forks and took a turn TOOO FAST, sending one of the canisters SLIIIIIIDING across the dock and out of the door... The dock was tailgate high to an 18-wheeler... When it hit the CONCRETE DRIVE, the neck broke OFF of the bottle and it became a self-propelled projectile !!! Luckily, it was aimed down the dock, where sat 2 freight trailers, being loaded... It, the cylinder, being bounced on the pavement and tilted upwards, when the oxygen caught fire, TOOK OFF and went through BOTH SIDES of that trailer and THE NEXT trailer, turning just enough, when it came out of the second one to head out across the parking lot, hit a train track, make another turn and 'ran' down the cross-ties, until it ran out of fuel/oxygen !!!!!
    You sure do remind me of some great memories... THANX !!!!
    You do know doncha that all that grillin' can cause leg cramps, back aches, hardening of the arteries and the BIG' C' !!!!!!

    1. Howdy bean
      Did I ever tell ya bout the time....had a oxygen bottle go berserk in the back my van? Ya see, I were in a wreck....plows slap into a damn taxi cab. Stuff go fly'n round in the back the van, oxygen bottle valve knock slap off. WOW boy howdy....I were one skeered feller, that bottle back there break'n stuff. It weren't one them big'uns like what they use in a muffler shop. It were a little one....portable acetylene an' oxygen set. I'm think'n it were almost empty 'cause it didn't kill me.

      Why the hell you wait till now to tell me all that stuff bout grill'n??? Sheesh, what kind a friend are you anyhows?

  3. Your blog always makes me hungry! I just love a man who can cook, even if it is burning things on the grill! That means I don't hafta.