Sunday, September 6, 2015

Oh oh, you go'n too fast Billy Bob...slow down

"Oh my God, I want you lookie here....there's Billy Bob". "Were ya been"????

Ha, where I been???? I been out there in the shed, that where I been. An' I ain't been build'n no household cabinets, lay'n roof shingles...driv'n nails....none that kind of stuff. I been work'n on a model boat....but you already know that.

So let's see what progress we made the last couple days. Until yesterday, I was right on schedule...this build will take months if'n I stay on schedule.
I decided it was time to build the engine room hatch cover thingy.

Then I planked it with strips of mahogany.....

Then I sanded it down to a very smooth surface....ready for stain an' fiberglass'n.
When finished, this engine room cover will be a 2 piece hatch on tiny piano hinges. Ha, ordered from England. 

A couple cockpit parts to git one more polyurethane coat'n an' then glued in place
See, I tole you....all finished parts glued into the two cockpits.
"Oh wait Billy Bob, did you install the deck sub planking"? "And what is that that I see on the side the boat....is that mahogany planking"?
Ok, this is where I got ahead of myself. Should have never installed the side planking. Although, it looks pretty damn good from my house.

Side planking installed....a couple little cracks to be filled, the top sub deck sanded an' faired. Two outside deck plank thingys measured an' prepared for glue'n down to the deck.
"My God Billy Bob, that sure is purr-ty". 

Sanding an' fairing on the starboard side has begun. My God, this will take forever.

By the way, I'm ahead of schedule....

Today, I have decided to take the day of an' do me some much needed housework....YUK!!!

Speak'n of "purr-ty", Leonard sure is get'n some kind of big. I would take a wild guess an' say he is bout 6 of 7 pounds right now. He eats tooo much. Frick...I don't have a recent photo, an' he's outside do'n what cats do. I don't know how he did it, but last week he catched a humm'n bird. Bringed it in "da house" for me to see how he has turned into a 'hunter" of wild critters. He drops it at my feet an' that little sucker flaps his wings an' out the door he goes. Leonard says...."what the hell"?
Photos of Leonard later.

Ok, dishes are done. Stacked on the counter, but warshed up pretty good.
Got half a chicken bout defrosted up for a pot of "chicken noodle tater vegetable soup".
I ain't pregnant or nuttin like that, but I sure have been crav'n me some this soup for over a week now. Today is the day. Will let ya know how it turns out....but not today.

My back issues have much improved the last few days. Ain't took me no aspirin for over a week. Git'n skeered to take aspirin with the stomach problems I been hav'n. Everthing I eat I feel like I need to puke it up. Burp'n an' stuff. Had me a couple bouts of constipation....yeah I know, ya don't wanna hear bout that. Come on doctor, call me for a appointment.

Oh, I didn't tell ya. Robert is on a family camp'n trip up in the north Georgia mountains. No, I weren't invited to tag along. Not that I would have been able to go, but damn, I could have at least been invited. No ill feel'ns on my part.....hope they all have a wonderful camp'n trip.

That's bout it for this post. Shoot, I cain't think of nuttin else to write about. Maybe next time.


  1. You're coming right along with that boat,it's looking real good!

  2. Now that boat looking pretty good, just keep on boating, will be amazing when ys done.

  3. A very pretty boat here... Keep going to make it ready to use.. and go for the adventure trip...of Water...

    Dudhwa National Park

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  5. hi BB. it is nice to see that your still kicking and your back pains has been much less painful . it sure will be nice to see the different size that that dam cat has gotten . i sure hope that that humming bird will be okay , it would seem to me that maybe that dam cat needs to eat more cat food so he does not go after all the wild critters . nice pictures of the boat ,keep up the good work .