Monday, April 29, 2013

Update....LOLOLOLOL....Hahahaha....golf...A new bike???....maybe

Afternoon update:
"Hahahahaha....LOLOLOLOL....Billy Bob hit a golf'n ball like a gurl".

I ain't never gonna wear shoes again for the rest of my life. The last thing I remembered before depart'n to the golf course was that I said I would never, for as long as I live, wear sandals to the golf course again. So I put on a pair of oversize walk'n shoes....or something like that. By the 8th hole, my right foot done broke down. Fell like I was a "club foot" play'n golf.

But that ain't the reason I ended up with such a terrible score. I was swak'n the ball in the fareways just fine. Get'n the second short right up there close to the green. Then I fall slap apart. I can't "chip" worth a poop today. Either 40 feet short of the cup, slap over the whole green or on the green an' roll back off. Got me a whole bunch of double bogies today. 48 front nine....49 back nine. 


So what do you do on a beautiful, cloudless, windless day when the temp is 82 degs at 9:30 am. Well, let me tell ya what most people would do. They would grab holt of their golf clubs an' head for the golf course. Oh wait, most people don't like golf.

Have ya ever have something what make ya all excitis an' ya wanna talk about it from the time ya get up till ya go back to bed? I don't know bout wimmins, but men have hobbies, play sports an' stuff like that. We spend a lot of money on our hobbies and sports events. So naturally, we got to talk bout them. That's the way it is for me and golf. I'm gonna talk bout it.

I feel the same way bout fish'n too, but it's get'n harder for me to go fish'n than it was a few years ago. In fact, it's turn into "work". In order to catch a fish, ya gotta fish where the fish live an' hang out. That takes a boat in most cases. Unless ya want to "work" hard at fish'n. Like chop'n down trees an' brush just to get to a fish'n hole. Carry all your fish'n gear for bout a mile or so. Then have to go back to the car an' find your fish pole.

But I got a boat. Trouble named it the "billy boat"....what is a good name. But the "billy boat" is "work". Ya got to unload it out the back of "that jeep". Unroll it an' blow that sucker up.....like a balloon. They ya got to put all the "stuff" in it....seat, motor mount, troll'n motor, battery, fish'n tackle an' fish poles. If'n ya ain't parked close to the water, ya gotta tote all that stuff. That's "work". So ya see why the old Billy Bob ain't been do'n no fish'n.

I been feel'n pretty good so I won't be whin'n bout nuttin today. But look out if'n I have a hard day at the golf course. Just giv'n ya advance warn'n.  

I fount me a new bicycle. Just the thing for somebody like me what cain't ride a regular bicycle. Easy to ride an' it don't weigh much.....made out of aircraft aluminum (44 pounds).
 Now I ain't say'n I'll be the owner of this bad boy, but I'm think'n I could ride this all day long an' never get tired.....or until the battery runs out of go juice an' then have to peddle the sucker back home. But, as you can plainly see, it would have to be modified. It's a single speed. Modification would be to convert it to a 7 speed. Put me a basket on the front for Sadie Mae. Right !!! Like Sadie Mae is gonna ride in a basket. She don't even like rid'n in the "bubba boat". Crazy dawg!!!

I ain't believ'n it. I got a sink full of dirty dishes again. Ya see, I clean out the refrigerator. Throw all that "old" food out. Did ya know goats will eat cherry chocolate cake?

Ok, I got things to do....git ready for golf ball swak'n. Laters.


  1. And that bike would go better with a small one cylinder two cycle motor to assist on the hills.

    1. Put yer glasses on Dizzy an' read what I said bout "batteries go'n dead. This must be a electric bike if'n it gots batteries.....right??? See that motor on the front wheel.....make it go a hunnert mile a hour.

  2. Sorry about that. I guess I am getting blind and deaf and also senile. I can't remember stuff and it seems to be getting worse every day. My batteries go dead real quick any more.

  3. hey you guys I just saw a hybrid bike on the news page of yahoo It only costs 4000$ but it is solar powered. Also human powered. has what looks like 3 or4 wheels and a roof. Of course you would need a trailer for it so its not really practical. When I saw it I did think of you. btw they go on sale in May

  4. Goats will eat just about anything..

  5. butterbean carpenterMay 5, 2013 at 9:52 PM

    Howdy #1BB,
    Tell ol' anonymous I got a goat for just eating weeds, what we have a whole bunch of, but all she'll eat is $14 a 50# sack goat food and $34 a bale California Bermuda hay that we have to have for the mini horses!!! That is a bald-faced lie about goats!!! She does eat the cookies I give the horses for treats!!! I can't believe you throwed away that beautiful chocolate-cherry cake !!! I think I'll cry; it looked so good!!! There's a retired forest ranger blogger who has 2 of those electric bikes ($1800 a piece) and he & his wife sit on'em and GO; if they pedal it'll go a whole lot farther, tho !!! Why can't you back 'that jeep' up to the water and slide the Billy-boat in and not have to wrassle it!! Me I got a 17' Alumacraft canoe, with Hawaiian 'out-riggers' on it, that I stand up in and fish!
    Joyce can handle it, load the battery& trolling motor and run the thing while I fish... Thatz called teamwork!!!
    That is WHEN we have enuff water in W Texas to float it !!!!!!! What happened to that 14# r in Falcon???

  6. butterbean carpenterMay 5, 2013 at 10:01 PM

    Part 2

    I just checked out the Electric bike and it will FOLD UP AND GO INSIDE ONE OF THOSE TEENIE WEENIE SMART CARS!!! Go ahead and getcha one!!!