Friday, April 12, 2013

Updated Stew or soup.....what it is?

Experimentation with eatable food stuff could be hazardous to your health. Well, maybe not hazardous, but make ya puke an' stuff like that.

Pork is not beef. Ya see, the other day when I went shop'n, I got the idea to make me up some Billy Bob beef stew soup. By the time I got to the beef section in the meat display cases, I had considered a chicken or pork stew soup. With beef prices, pork was determined a good substitute. It weren't really. Not when ya don't like pork no more.

 Boy howdy......yum yum eat'em up. If'n I had only spended the extra $$$$ for beef!!!!

Speak'n of soup an' stuff. I ain't never had any good luck with freez'n soup. I brewed up so much soup yesterday that I'm gonna have to send half it to the dumpster.....unless I freeze some of it. Freez'n changes the texture....what ever the hell that is....stuff just don't taste the same. I put 2 bags of soup in the freezer last night. I ain't gonna starve to death, but I may be sick. 

Don't know if'n I ever wanna play swak 'em up golf balls anymore. Why is it that ever time I play a round with the OFM Barney, I pay dearly the following day? Yesterday was no exception. And then, he always wins me (highest score is not the winner). Even with brand spank'n new guaranteed golf balls, he still puts a whoop'n on me. One these days Barney....one these days.

Sure is a pretty day outside, although it's a bit chilly (62). I'm think'n bout noon time, I'll head up the road a piece to the golf ball swak'n place. I could hang around "da house", listen to cajun music an' watch Sadie Mae sleep.
That's all she do all day long.....sleep.
This dawg ain't right.

I'm think'n I may make a trip up to the Houston area. Oh hell no, I ain't gonna go camp'n in Houston. I don't even like to drive through Houston, much less spend a week there. Just a thought.

Ok, I got a few dishes soak'n in the sink. Maybe I'll wash 'em up. Laters......

3:30pm Recap of a wonderful day:

Dishes? Why no I didn't do no dishes. They fine right where they at. They "rest'n". 

Here's what I got to say bout golf'n.......GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!
When I finished the front 9 (48), I knowed I was in for a terrible game. But hot damn, the old Billy Bob done pretty good on the back nine (46). When the scores was added up, I struck my handicap....what ain't been updated in 5 years. So I have no reason to whine an' cry like a little 9 year old girl step child.

When I were a step child, orphan or abandoned child, or what ever people sayed I was, I whined bout everthing. "How comes I don't get no desert like the other real kids"? "That ain't fair". "What you mean sit down an' shut up"? "Where my allowance"? "These second hand shoes don't fit". When I were married to my second hand wife, I felt like a step child, orphan or abandoned child just like I did when I was a little feller. My second hand wife sucked I betcha a dollar an' some change.

That beef stew soup I was tell'n ya bout.....well the soup an' vegetable part is 'souper' good. Pork in beef stew soup sucks. So's I added a can of diced maters in it. Tasting in 5 minutes.
Taste, taste, taste....it's Ok I guess. I were so hungry I could'a eat a blamed ol' road kill possum, so this soup taste just fine right now...... do in a pinch.



  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Me???? I don't sleep all day Barney, I have a mother to look after!

      I suffer from "insomnia" which is different.

    2. I did not mean to offend you Ms. B. I apologize and my dumb attempt at humor is deleted.

  2. Sadie would fit in here with our three dogs. They sleep for 23.5 hours a day and bark like H at things outside the rest of the time.

  3. I agree, pork is NOT my favorite.('cept for bacon!!)

  4. Thats too bad we lovin pork much more than beef. Too bad we not closer give ya a hand.

  5. Hope your "second hand wife" is not reading this, lol :D

  6. That bowl of stew looks mighty tasty to me; course I'm always hungry. Sandwiches just don't satisfy that much.