Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cake time....

Holy crap, I done had me one them nights. At 2:30am, I were still look'n at the ceiling. Just look'n ya know 'cause there weren't nuttin else to do at that hour. I layed there listen'n to the awning flap'n in the breeze, think'n bout fix'n that a/c, wonder'n what today (Wednesday) would be like, "what the hell them dogs bark'n bout?", should I call Barney in the morn'n for a golf swak'n game, what new project should I start.....stuff like that. I knowed I would sleep in this morn'n, but I didn't care. I'm retired ya know.

Yesterday Dizzy Dick wrote a blog post bout when he met the old Billy Bob. Don't seem like it was 3 years ago, but I remember that day like it were 2 1/2 years ago. We ate hamburgers at the Grub Shack in Terlingua, Texas. Sit around in "Sally da house" jaw'n an' tell'n lies for a hour or so. Anyhows, I were gonna put a comment on Dizzy's blog, but I let it slip right through my fingers. I do that sometimes ya know.

I see we got a couple new followers to "Billy Bob's Place". I welcome you to my blog with open arms an' a great "Howdy Doo....y'all".

Speak'n of new followers, somebody don't know bout "Billy Bob Cherry Chocolate Cake". One comment says there must be a story behind that cake. Well, there is. Ya see, I were camp'n at the "slabs" back in '08. It were cold, rainy, clouds all over the place an' I were stuck in "da house" with nuttin to do. I says to myself...."Billy Bob, let's make a cake". Well, I don't even like cake.....but I got me a idea. A super moist almost gooey cake with cherries on top. Jump in "that jeep" an' goes to Walmart to buy up the stuff. I suppose ya could go to a regular grocery store to buy the same thing, but I don't do "regular".

When it come time to make the cake, I were tired, cranky an' grouchy from the long ride to Walmart....an' deal'n with Walmart shoppers. I just throwed everthing in a bowl, mix it up a little an' bake that sucker. That is how "Billy Bob Chocolate Cake" was born.
I done tole everbody a couple times all bout how to make this cake, but we got some new people what ain't never see the recipe. Here is the link if'n ya want to make one. Billy Bob Cherry Chocolate Cake.
I notice in the recipe I done forgot all bout the oil ya suppose to put in the cake batter. Bout a 1/4 cup or something like that. Oh shoot, just read the directions, but leave the water out. 
Well, here we go again. The freak'n weather forecast said today would be windy as hell. Well it ain't. There ain't no wind at all. This makes me want to go swak some golf balls.
Ok....me an' that OFM Barney is gonna meet up at the course at 12:30. Hot damn, can hardly wait.

Ok....got to get dress up in my Sunday go meet'n duds an' get fired up bout swak'n them new golf balls. Laters.


  1. "Yesterday Dizzy Dick wrote a blog post bout when he met the old Billy Bob. Don't seem like it was 3 years ago, but I remember that day like it were 2 1/2 years ago."

    Billy Bob you are a riot...you always have a way to put a smile on my face :-)

  2. I tried to take a picture of the two of us, but I must have pushed the wrong button or the both our old faces together was more than the camera could take. . .

  3. I remember that day. Its the same day that I met you down there with ole Ben.
    When are you going back out there?

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