Sunday, April 14, 2013

Possible surgery....not likely

I were sit'n there on the couch, that beef pork stew soup was warm'n on the stove. Here come nephew Joseph. "Ya want a steak an' baked tater for supper Uncle Bill"? I jumps up real quick like a flash, turn  the stove slap off an' says...."Oh hell yeah"!!!! A hour later I were eat'n up a fat, juicy, medium rare 12 oz. mesquite grilled steak long with the biggest bake tater ya ever see in your life. Both cooked to perfection just like I like 'em. I don't know what kind of beans them are, but I ain't eat'n 'em.  

Everbody know that the old Billy Bob has got a bad back. Been that way for 30 years....with some instances of relief along the way through strenuous physical therapy. I were sit'n over there on the couch an' got to think'n bout all the times I had considered let'n some veterinarian do back surgery. I jump on the the internet and Google. I was think'n laser surgery would be the way to go. I heared too many stories bout regular back surgery where they cut a big ol' slash in your back, go dig'n round in there with knives an' forks, drills, hammers an' chisels....Dremel tools....stuff like that. And then for the rest of your life, ya hurt more than when ya started. But.......read on.

Laser surgery ain't no better....depend'n who ya listen to. I bet ya didn't know that any doctor can perform laser surgery. That why I said veterinarian a while ago. But anyhows, Billy Bob ain't gonna be get'n no surgery of any kind for quite a spell. Oh, by the way.....your insurance probly ain't gonna cover laser surgery anyhows. Typical laser back surgery....$30,000. So this is how I spent a good four hours of a beautiful day yesterday.   

Not that everbody gets all excitis bout the old Billy Bob do'n dishes, but I got half them suckers done yesterday before noon. I'm think'n that's a pretty good accomplishment for one day. I done I been cursed by the "dirty dish fairy". 

The more I think bout flip'n a coin, the more I'm think'n that may be the best choice for my next trip. Not only does that make good blog material to write about, but I get to see all kinds of stuff what I wouldn't drive a hunnert miles to see. Ended up in Dodge City Kansas one time flip'n a coin like that. What do I remember bout Dodge City??? It sucked, that's what I remember bout Dodge City. I mean.....there was a gazillion tourists, kids run'n round scream'n like banshees, babies cry'n...dad burned traffic jams everwheres. It were rodeo time an' I don't do rodeos.

Last time I was to a rodeo was bout a hunnert year ago (50). Me an' a self proclaimed wanna be cowboy buddy of mine drove almost a hunnert mile to Bakersfield, Ca. just so's he could ride a freak'n cow. Hell, I did that when I were 6 year old right out there in the barn yard. My cowboy buddy lasted bout a nanosecond on that big ol' cow. Throw him slap on the ground. Then knock hell out him with his head. Poor cowboy buddy got a bloody nose....an' a few cuts an' scrapes. Big ol' goose egg on his head. Who in their right mind would ride a cow???

Ok, I gonna see what I can get myself into today. You guys have a good'un.


  1. That steak sounds pretty good to me! Haven't had one in a long while!

  2. butterbean carpenterApril 14, 2013 at 2:20 PM

    Howdy #1 BB,
    When I was nine-years old I trained me a 'roping' bull, about 8-9 moths old, to be saddled & bridled and roped SHEEP off'n him, so we could doctor the screw-worms!! He did allright except he wouldn't 'back-the-rope'!!! Had to get off and catch the sheep while he run around dragging it!! It worked for a while only Pop got tired of laffin' his head off at the rodeo and I got tired of being laffed at!!!
    I went to a back-specialist oncst and she told me DON'T EVER LET ANYONE MESS WITH YOUR BACK-BONE, there ain't nuttin' they can do to better it!!! That's what I'm atellin' you!!!! Save the beeves, EAT MORE PORK & CHICKEN!!! Hope you can find THAT PERFECT JEEP!!!

  3. Nobody in their right mind would ride a cow, except maybe a curious little daredevil of a 6 yr old!

    1. You took the words right out of my mouth...or is it my fingers? :D

  4. My son had back surgery and now X-rays of his back look like a hardware store.

  5. Yum...a juicy steak and baked potato :)

    As you know I have a bad back as well and no insurance to boot...but even if I did I would pass on the surgery.

  6. The OFM is back to his Castle from Alabama and will start flipping a coin on Tuesday morning. Hope to cross a road with you in the future. Have fun.

  7. No surgery probably a good idea, none for me either.
    Now that steak sounds pretty good!