Monday, April 1, 2013

Nuttin excit'n today

I were  just sit'n there on the couch do'n what I do best....nuttin. A "severe thunderstorm warning"....with up to 70 mile a hour winds....in the following counties....pops up on the tv screen. Well shoot, I'm in one of them counties.

"The awning Billy Bob, the awning is gonna blow away". I were think'n long the same lines....awning gonna blow away an' remembered the last time I was try'n to roll that sucker back up in high winds. If'n ya ever did that, you know what I'm talk'n bout. Anyhows, I goes outside, undo's the rope tie downs and roll up the awning. Weren't nuttin to it an' nuttin excit'n happened. See, that's why I aint never got nuttin excit'n to write about in my life.

Them high winds an' torrential rainfall what was supposed to hit Billy Bob's campsite never showed up. A few drops of rain fell on the windshield (my picture winders) and the winds never got over 15 mile a hour.....if'n that. But when ya consider the cost of a new awning, I suppose it's better to play it safe than to be sorry.

I ain't touched that Mississippi river boat in two days. I ain't say'n that I didn't want to, but I had other things to do. Got all the surround sound speakers relocated an' replaced with new ones. Now let me tell ya....that sucker do some walk'n an' talk'n. Gonna have me some piss off neighbors down the road a piece if'n I crank that thing up. Ran that cable from the laptop to the computer....but I think I already tole ya that. Moved the printer too. Put all the "big" tools back in the garage (tool storage compartment). Sweeped an' moped the floors. Tossed a bunch of stuff I ain't seen or used in over 5 years. It's beginning to look like home again in "da house". 

I got me a little project for today. It mostly is house work. Not dust'n an' wash'n winders or anything like that. I got stuff on shelves an' in boxes what needs some attention. Toss shit in the dumpster. I often wonder where all this stuff comes from, but then I got me a little redneck in my blood an' I keep stuff.....just in case.

Ok....off to the salt mines.....laters.


  1. You sure do seem to keep busy. You better find some time to do a little fishing.

  2. With those surround sound speakers (my ears hurt just sayin' those words), what kind of music do you listen to? Hip hop maybe?

    1. Lol, Gypsy that is so funny! I can just picture Billy Bob getting down to hip hop! jajajajajaja

  3. Yep, it is best to be safe than sorry. You don't know how many tore up awnings there were the last two years at the cook-off :-(

  4. Dang Billy Bob, slow down, take it easy. Did you forget you are retired? Haha!

    Max from Illinois.