Monday, April 15, 2013

Hard work'n sum-a-gun...

Just a quick reminder this morn'n that the old Billy Bob is one hard work'n feller. I do stuff....git 'er done.

It all started yesterday morn'n when I needed a freshly washed dish what was in the bottom of the dish pan. To get to it, I had to wash what ever was on top of it. Makes perfect sense to me. Anyhows, all the dishes are washed an' put away. Well, maybe not all of 'em, but most.

I didn't do it all at one time, but a whole bunch of stuff what was lay'n round "da house" ain't lay'n round no more. I been do'n housework. Well, it ain't really housework, I just been put'n stuff back where it belongs. Lots of stuff. All hobby build'n materials an' hobby tools....battery chargers, little bitty saws, files, drills an' drill bits, tubes of super glue, duck tape....stuff like that....you know what I'm talk'n bout.

I were sit'n there on the couch sip'n up a cup an' tak'n a break from all the hard work I been do'n. Cherry Chocolate Cake. I got all the mak'ns for one, ain't got nuttin to do an' I'm hungry. So's I throws all that stuff in a bowl, mix it up an' make me up a Cherry Chocolate Cake.

What the hell....it's a goat. This is that damn goat what when ever he gits the urge, he comes stomp'n up the steps into "da house".  Goats ain't got no respect!!!!

I rekon since today is a cloudy day an' the wind is blow'n outside, I'll get some affairs in order. Look'n at my "to do" list, I ain't gonna get much done though. "Tomorrow Billy Bob, wait till tomorrow". I just love the hell out of tomorrow. Gives me another day to do nuttin today. I just love hell out of do'n nuttin.

Ok, I'm gonna do "something"......laters.


  1. Now that cake looks pretty yummy, think the goat wants some too.

  2. Congratulations on washing the dishes...jajajajaja!

    That is a pretty goat. Maybe if you kept your screen door closed he would not come into "Sally da House".

  3. What is the goat's name?