Monday, April 22, 2013

I forgot...has been updated

I 'member one time......Oh wait, I don't remember much of anything no more. I were sit'n here after I done read all the blogs this morn'n an' my mind ceased to work. I forgot what I was gonna say.

So what am I gonna do today? "I bet ya a dollar Billy Bob, if'n ya get off'n that damn computer, you'll think of something".

3PM Update:
After a nice shower, I noticed it was a beautiful day....what I didn't notice earlier. And what a better thing to do on a beautiful day.....go swak some golf balls.....(something bout that sentence don't look right).

I arrived at the first tee box right at 12:15. There weren't nobody in front of me and nobody behind me. So I could take my time an' concentrate on perfect shots. "Damn Billy Bob, there's water over there. Whatcha hit it over there for"???". That was close.

Usually when I arrive at the golf course, I am all pumped up an' excitis. Today was an exception. I didn't really want to be there. But I had done paid my dues, so I may as well do the best I can. What weren't too bad for a rookie just learn'n to swak golf'n balls. I also don't usually post a pic of a score card unless something really spectacular happens.
Take a close look at hole #18. That's a 455 yard par 4, much farther than any par 4 you will ever find on most golf courses. I had planned to take the short cut to the left of that big ol' oak tree out there in the middle of the fareway, but I miss judged my ability to hit a ball where I'm aim'n. I was in the middle of the fareway....what don't usually happen. My second shot with my trusty 5 wood left me 70 yards from the green. Now if'n I hit my next shot just right, I can get on the green in 3. What I usually don't do on this hole....with all them trees an' stuff in the way. I'm think'n a 3/4 swing with a 9 iron aimed directly at the flag. Swak....that ball go up in the air, land on the green and roll....right straight at the flag stik. I'm think'n I may have a chance for a par on this long ass par 4 hole......and the ball drop slap in the hole....just like that. Now I all excitis, but this is the last hole....damn!!!
I love golf ball swak'n.


  1. I think we all have days like that! Guess it goes with the territory!