Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Morbid thoughts

Ain't got no new news from Billy Bob's Place this morn'n. I just ain't got no energy to get up an' do anything. The highlite of my day is when I click on the blogs an' see what everbody else is do'n. Of course I spend a little time read'n the news each morn'n. Check the stock market to see if'n I can afford a trip to Walmart.

I been think'n bout golf clubs lately. Thanks to OFM Barney, with his brand spank'n new golf clubs, I got to think'n maybe I need me some new clubs too. Ya see, when I swak my golf'n ball, it don't go to where I'm aim'n at. An' it don't go very far neither.....like Barneys do. So I went Googl'n. Well shoot....I hit my golf'n balls just like a average 71 year old amateur golfer. I ain't never claim to be no professional golfer or nuttin like that, but I sometimes do consider myself a little bit better than a backwoods redneck amateur. My clubs are just fine for my age bracket. I'll keep these. Now if'n I could just learn to hit a ball.

I'm gonna hit on health issues this morn'n. In the last few years, it's been a downhill battle for the old Billy Bob. After hav'n heart surgery in '08, I pretty much accepted that I'm gonna die one of these days. What is pretty much Ok with me. I ain't say'n that I ain't got nuttin to live for, 'cause I do. But I want what time I got left to be comfortable. You know what I'm talk'n bout....not laid up in some bed of death suffer'n from pain from the time I wake up till I go back to sleep. Get'n all shrivel up into to some kind of meatless skinny ghost figure. Not able to attend to my daily needs....like do'n dishes......stuff like that.

Travel has gotten much harder for me in the last 5 years. Once I get a campsite set up somewheres, I'm think'n I want to stay there for a while before I move on to a new campsite. I got to take breaks, rest....sip up a cup.....do some think'n. Go'n down the road a piece ain't as easy as it used to be. 

Have ya look at the weather forecast? Would you believe there's another freak'n cold front? Supposed to be here in a couple days.....mid 40's for lows and lower 70's daytime. This is why I'm depressed an' don't want to do nuttin. Actually it plumb pisses me off. Ya know I don't like wind an' what do ya suppose is gonna happen. Yup....wind.

You know I still have to climb up there on the roof an' fix that back A/C. I just ain't gonna take the chance of a gust of wind blow'n me off'n that roof. You watch....the first day there ain't no wind, it gonna be a hunnert degs., the roof gonna be all wet from sweat an' I'm gonna slide off in a pile on the ground. Damn, I just cain't win for lose'n.

Ok, morbid thoughts aside....I got things to do. Laters. 


  1. BB, I'm glad you are living your RV life, which I think is what makes you happiest. Well, other than doing dishes. Guess you need someone to travel with you to keep the place cleaned up and chores done so you don't have to.
    HA HA! Good luck. I need one of those too.
    Hot as all git-out in Texas

  2. You just enjoying whatever it is you feel like and thats a real good thing, fresh air and all that stuff.

  3. My old Daddy used to tell me, "Son, nothing is ever so bad that it can't get worse!!" Not that I mean your situation will get worse, but that is always what he said when I complained about something. And you know, he was usually right!!

  4. I think it happens to all of us. I so used to look forward to going camping but with my bad back and all the energy it takes to set up camp especially when you have a tent and have to pound those stakes in solid rock...it is not so much fun anymore.

    At least you have an RV and anywhere you go is home. You do not have to load or unload stuff and have plenty of room to take what makes you comfortable and/or keeps you entertained.

    You still have a heads up on the competition!

  5. BB -
    You still have a few years on me, but I'm beginning to feel my age more every day. Yet we're still above ground and able to do most everything we want, so it's a good morning every day.

    I hope to not read of your falling off the sweaty roof, but that you've fixed the A/C, you and Sadie Mae have found your summer roost, and you've developed a new recipe. That would be a good post!

    Look forward to reading you every day, even if you've got "nuttin" to say...