Sunday, April 21, 2013

Brain farts

The wonders of the mind. Just sit'n round do'n nuttin, my mind has done slap went crazy. Think weird stuff.

I upgraded my motorhome to a 42 footer diesel pusher. Yanked every bit of that "girly" stuff out the bedroom an' built me a "man" garage/workshop, right there where that bedroom used to be. Overhead florescent lighting, table saw, band saw, drill press.......walls filled with woodwork'n tools, drawers filled with "power" and hand tools.

Don't ask me where that silly idea come from, although it is a pretty good one. NOT!!! Did you know that a designer of RV's had that exact same dream a while back? Turn a perfectly good bedroom in to a "toy" room. He called it a "toy hauler"....or something like that. 

That wonderful idea of clean'n out the back of "that jeep" yesterday got shot all to hell an' gone. Ya see, I were hungry when I got that silly idea. So's I ate me up a big ol' ham an' cheese sammich. What make me sleepy. So's I took me a nap. You know the rest of the story.

Of course I spent right bout 4 hours research'n places I might want to go this summer. To no avail. Had me a nice time look'n at all them photos an' stuff. Now I don't need to go. I done seen it on the internet. I don't particularly want to go somewheres I been before, but I'm sure I'll end up in the desert again. Go see "pesky neighbor" Wayne long bout August....stuff like that.

Sit on "da porch" sip'n up a cup again. Dang, sit'n on that porch was like sit'n in the cockpit of my old sail'n boat.

Ain't got nuttin more I want to write bout this morn'n. The old Billy Bob is hav'n a hard time in his life. I got me enough "want to" to last a hunnert years an' not enough "can do" to make it through the day. Seems like everthing is lost an' I cain't find it. But I'm still look'n.



  1. Did old Blue Eyes use to drink beer? How is he doing? Won't it be hot as all get out in August?

    I am confident you will find a place to go that is to your liking :)

  2. Billy Bob, you need to head down the road. Like that commercial says, a body in motion stays in motion. Good luck.

    Max from Illinois.

  3. Boy that picture brings back some nice memories from Deming.

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