Wednesday, July 3, 2013

68 degs golf day

Oh my god, I'm run'n out of time. I got a dog to transport to the vet place for a groom'n an' then got a appointment at the local golf course for a round of golf ball swak'n.

I ain't got no time this morn'n to be writ'n no silly stories or nuttin like that. Golf is important....never be late.

As requested by one my fav friends, here is a photo of poor little Sadie Mae. Ain't never gonna take her back to that old lady for a haircut.  
Not visible in the above photo can you see the screw ups this woman "hair butcher" do to my poor little puppy Sadie Mae. I'm so disgrunted, I ain't even gonna say nuttin more bout it. Grrrrrrrrrr....!!!! Ain't she purty though???

Now there's something you have to understand bout golf. Old men are unstable on their feet. The first rule to hitting a ball off the tee is ya gotta stand there like a well rooted tree. Steady and unmoving. Gather your bearings and aim for the middle of the fareway. "Whoa right there Billy Bob...that ain't nuttin like what you do". Ok, so I didn't have a good golf game today. In fact, it sucked.

Actually, me an' OFM Barney had a rough go of it today. It weren't all that hot, but the humidity was a killer. By hole 7, I was done....my goose was cooked. Barney tuffed it out and completed the 18 holes, but I swear, I thought he was gonna die. "Call 911 somebody, Barney is lay'n in a ditch".

There is a place in my bedroom where I hang my golf bag. That's where my clubs will hang until the weather changes. I'm through with golf ball swak'n when it almost kill me or send me to a hospital with a heat stroke.

Ok, that's it for today.....birthday party go'n on. 


  1. When you get back please post a picture of Sadie Mae after her beauty parlor trip :)

  2. Is it Sadie Mae's birthday?

  3. Love the new header pic!! Yes, it's too freakin' hot out there for golf. Unless you wear a cool vest, put ice in your hat & shoes! Ugh. Sadie, is one of the screw ups on her paw? It looks like she tried to do a poodle foot or something? From what I can tell on the photo. But Sadie looks happy to smile for the camera!

  4. I think Sadie Mae looks pretty good. Since you didn't show a before and after picture, same pose, it's hard to tell, but I bet she feels better in the heat with any of it cut off. Glad you finally realized this isn't any kind of weather to be out golfing. You could take seriously ill!

    1. I 2nd that BB in this heat she is going to feel a whole lot cooler and easy to brush while she comes back into the M/H. And now as she grows out you can trim her to your likening.

  5. Birthday Party! Go for it....
    Hang up them clubs

  6. "As requested by one my fav friends, here is a photo of poor little Sadie Mae."

    Well thank you kindly Billy Bob, for the picture and the compliment :)

    I do not see any screw ups...Ms. Sadie Mae looks as pretty as ever!