Sunday, July 7, 2013

Lake Corpus Christi

I can't think of a better way to spend a day than to spend it with a friend. Yesterday was a great success. Although it was a bit on the warm side.

Me an' OFM Barney drives down to the Mexican food eat 'em up place. Holy cows, I ain't never see that much food on a plate in my life. Yum yum eat'em up some Mexican food!!!!
"Dang Billy Bob, you looks skeered in that picture".

After stuff'n all that food down, we jump in Barney's air condition truck an' head north for a few miles. We go'n to Lake Corpus Christi I betcha. Just to take a look see and spend some time together enjoy'n the latter days of our lives.

Barney did a purty good job of 'splain'n our little excursion on his blog, OFM Adventures, so I ain't gonna be say'n much here.
I think I could live in this place. Call it Fort Billy Bob.
While scrambl'n through trees an' bushes, we stumbl'd upon this Aztec sacrificial tower. You can see the blood stains remain to this day. "Wait a minute Billy Bob, that ain't no Axtec sacrificial tower, it's a overlook".  
 OFM Barney in all his glory. Got his African safari hat on look'n for wild critters.
Thought this was kind of cool.

Yup, yesterday was a good day.

I was sit'n there mind'n my own business....over there on the couch ya know. I got to think'n bout peaches. Well shoot, fire up the Weber an' grill ya one. I did that an' boy howdy let me tell ya, that was one delicious peach. I ain't never grill no peaches before, so I'm a rookie. Let's try bout 375 degrees, try not to catch nuttin on fire. Twenty minutes later with one turn, that peach come out perfect. Put me some brown sugar on top....eat 'em up. Yes I took a picture.....but it ain't there. Gone.....pooof, just like that. 

Modified shoes still work'n out pretty good. All that walk'n yesterday didn't bother me at all. I'm think'n I'm ready for a 1/4 miles walk....what ya think?


  1. Make one loop of the main circle at Welder Park. Lots of neat trees to look at there. Of course the shade on the road is nice too.

  2. The photo taken through the archway is really nice. I see you are wearing your shoes so your modifications did the trick. Yeah, don't walk any more than 1/4 mile to start out with. I'm up to a mile and it damn near kills me!

  3. One thing I really miss about my Texas is the Mexican food found at little hole-in-the-wall places. Looks like it was a great day!

  4. The food looks delicious. I like your hat. You did behave at this restaurant didn't you?

    Got a kick out of your Aztec Sacrificial Tower comparison! Beautiful place by the way.

    Gypsy has a good eye...I had not noticed you wearing your modified shoes.

  5. You got to take the picture of the peach before you eat it, not after.

  6. Grilled peaches! I've sliced them and laid the flat on the grill & turned as necessary, another time peaches went on a shish kabob... Good eats!

  7. love your hat kinda loots like mine. See practicin' on that Weber and you gonna have some great eatin'.
    Think you like the peach so much you ate the picture!