Monday, July 22, 2013

Life after 70.....sucks

Until further notice, this is it.
I never figgered that after turn'n 70 year old, my life was gonna change so much. Ain't talk'n bout them leg cramps I get, big ol' lumps on my toe....health issues, stuff like that. I'm talk'n bout how I think. "Old people don't act like that".

The day I turned 70, something click in my brain.....poooof, just like that. I ain't a young feller no more. Daily life is gonna be harder. There gonna be more aches an' pains than ya can shake a stik at. Ya gonna be run'n neck an' neck with a herd of turtles....slooowly git'n there.
I gonna have to start be'n serious bout stuff in my life.....think things over as a adult. I ain't like'n this idea not nary a bit.

When I were younger, not long ago, I looked on old folks (70 plus) as a special breed. You know, like the American bald eagle. Ya don't mess with bald eagles. These was the people you turn to for guidance an' advice when you get lost in a world of "I don't know". Old folks know some stuff ya know. They walk'n 'cylopedia Britannica's of knowledge an' service manuals for anything what is broke. Go hug a "old folk" today, you won't be sorry.

So, where are we today? Sit'n here at the computer do'n what I do ever morn'n....see above.

That "billy bike need some adjustments. Ya see, when I climbs on it, the seat is too high for my feet to reach the ground. That's the #1 cause of fall'n over an' break something.....like a arm. Skin stuff up.
Now that reminds me the time I take a bicycle to the "slabs" with me. That was when "Lug Nut" was still alive an' chase anything what move. Lug Nut was Sadie Mae's adopted brother.

I put Lug Nut on a rope.....off we go down the road. Lug nut run'n long side, stop'n ever few feet to piss on a bush or smell the thousands of rocks an' sticks long side the road. Bout that time, here come a scream'n go-cart down the road, go'n a hunnert mile a hour or so. Lug Nut gonna catch him that go-cart. He hit the end that rope....stop dead in his tracks, yank that bicycle slap out from under me. I lay there on the gravel road wipe'n blood off'n my skin up hands an' elbows....big ol' bloody skid marks on my knees, I was hurt'n. That the last time I ever take Lug Nut for a bike ride.

Sure weren't much happen at Billy Bob's house yesterday. I rekon I could say I didn't do nuttin. I did sweep the floor where Sadie Mae an' the other dogs been bring'n in grass clip'ns an' dirt, put that new grip on my golf'n putter, watch some golf on TV, take a much needed extended nap......stuff like that. When it came time to ride the "billy bike", it was still hot outside an' the wind was blow'n. So I didn't.

Couldn't figger out what to eat for supper last night, so I make me a great big pancake. By great big, I mean, BIG. Musta weigh a pound.....half a inches thick.  I cover it with strawberry preserves, a spoon full of sugar, roll it up an' I got me a jelly roll from hell. Two glasses of milk an' I full to the brim.

Ok, I got things to do.....laters!!! 



  1. That would have made a great supper. Yum, Yum.

  2. I think me and Lug-Nut would have to come to "terms" if he ever tried to pull me off my bike like that. Little bugger. Crashing after 70 ain't recommended either.

  3. I used to have a poster with a picture of an old man on it. The caption was "When an old man dies and library burns." Pretty near the truth.

  4. I'm just not a person that gives others advice... folks live the life they want the way they want to live it. But, darn it, your post today is kind of depressing. I'm real close to my 72nd birthday... I have to take my meds everyday to control my BP and (lack of) thyroid. My husband is gimping around in a "boot" because he broke his ankle last month. Neither one of us is ready for "the alternative"... that's WAY too final and there's way too much out there that we haven't seen or done. Sure, being cautious is a good idea, but maybe you could just pretend that your Mom made a big mistake and your birth certificate's wrong... you're only 68... okay, maybe 69... but the "click" hasn't happened and you are still young. Kind of reset your odometer ..... not advice, just a thought.

  5. My beloved inlaws [and yes, they are very much beloved by me, they are wonderful] are in their 80s. Nothing they can't do. Sure they have their aches and pains and Daddy was just hospitalized a few weeks ago for some such - but doesn't mean they are up and at 'em everyday. In fact my lovely MIL spends quite a few days a week with her Mom. Who is 101. ::grin::

    Well, I am off to prepare dinner from the gifts from Daddy's garden. An acre of fruits and veggies are entirely too much for just two people, so we are blessed he shares the extras with us. :)

    [I really think you're joshing about feeling old. Your keen sense of humor keeps you young Billy Bob, doesn't it?]


  6. "The day I turned 70, something click in my brain.....poooof, just like that."

    I'm sure glad that didn't happen to me. I think it is all in your brain ... change your way of thinking and pooof your younger again.

    How old would you be if you didn't know when you were born?

  7. I know exactly what you mean about turning 70 and something clicking in your head telling you that you are now old. But I think the head has got it wrong. You are getting old when you turn 80. Now I'm a little scared I won't live to be 80!