Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A grumpy old man

The old Billy Bob got out of bed this morn'n bitch'n an' yell'n at everthing. Yell'n at stuff lay'n all over the floor.....that same stuff what I was gonna pick up yesterday is still lay'n there, ain't move a inch. Yell at his self 'cause he couldn't get into his pants.....both legs in the same hole. "One leg at a time Billy Bob, one leg at a time". Then Sadie Mae, she git up under my feet everwhere I go.....yell at her too....."git off me dog, damn!". By the time I had finish all my bathroom chores, it was time to make a refreshing pot of coffee. More yell'n an' cuss'n. While painstakingly measuring out the appropriate amount of grounds for a pot of coffee, I drop the container on the floor. Coffee grounds go everwheres. I'm think'n, this ain't the best start for a new day.

One mug full down (24 oz), read a few blogs an' check out the world affairs, I'm feel'n much better now. Go git me a second jug.....it's rain'n. Outside, there's dogs, two horses an' that "damn goat", they all soak'n wet. Big ol' water puddles out there in the yard. I ain't gonna be play'n outside today.

Ok, I gonna tell ya what the old Billy Bob think bout these new Twinkies. Bout 10pm last night I couldn't help myself no more. Just had to try a couple twinkies an' a ice cold cup of milk. I dunk ya know. That was a wonderful cup of milk, but let me tell ya, them Twinkies suck. They little ol' bitty things....two bites an' they gone. They was like eat'n air, covered with a blanket of cotton balls or something like that. No taste. The fill'n sucks.
These are NOT the Twinkies I growed up on. Won't be buy'n no more Twinkies that for sure. Also won't be buy'n no Hostess stocks neither. Hostess used to be a good company. Put out some mighty fine high calorie products. Thousands of jobs were lost when they was forced into bankruptcy. My grandkids ain't gonna never know what a real Twinkie is. Dad gum unions.

Ok, I rekon I could get busy an' do what I was gonna do yesterday.



  1. That's the big joke in the industry. They call it "selling air" and then giggle. It also applies to paper products and many other items. Max air, min product equals max money.

  2. We got us a little rain up thes way, too. Really needed much more but glad we got what we got. They say the chance of rain will be around for a few days so send me some more. I don't eat stuff like twinkies anymore. Now I am glad, cause I ain't missing anything. . .

  3. shoot daddy, sounds like you needed to go back to bed and start all over. I have some days that start out like yours, yell, cuss, kicking... I just stop and say O'well. twinkies sux then and i'm sure they sux now. couldn't eat them nasty,cream filled things. hope your day gets better love ya.

  4. It hadn't occurred to me that the Twinkie company changed the recipe.... years ago I was practically addicted to them... ate one about 5 years ago and about gagged... YUK! Say.... do you ever eat Dinty Moore Beef Stew? Again... 45 years ago or that was a quick meal for my kids... they love it... so did I. Got to craving it a few years back... REALLY bad stuff! Don't know who changed... Dinty Moore or me.....

  5. butterbean carpenterJuly 17, 2013 at 6:19 PM

    My Dear Friend #1 BB,
    Don't be so hard on my friend, he's old, crotchety and hard to get along with, when he opens his eyes in th' mawnin'... You're just upset 'cause all of that livestock is poopin' in th' yard !!!
    About th' Twinkies, now, I got a 'true' tale to tell, that begins, "Now, you ain't agonna believe this, but it's true.....".. One time I worked(I DID TOO, ALSO) at CONTINENTAL BAKING CO./WONDER BREAD, in the TWINKIE DEPARTMENT !!! One of my jobs was keeping the 'creme' machine, that puts the fillin' in the Twinkies & cup-cakes, full of the 'stuff'..
    Every once in a while a hose would vibrate loose and pump a whole pile of 'fillin'' out in the aisle, on the concrete floor, about 2 feet tall and 3 feet wide, causin' me to have to take a #2 corn-scoop, scoop it up & put it back into the hopper, so, it could fill some more Twinkies !!! It was okay, because we wore paper shoe-covers and steam-cleaned the floor, EVERY SHIFT...One 'perk' of the job was I could eat all of the Twinkies & cupcakes that I wanted !!!!
    Now, be nicer to that ol' feller, my friend !!!!

  6. More coffee and and things will be just awesome.