Thursday, July 25, 2013

I cain't sleep damn it....

Todays post will be [this] short. There is no news worth tell'n about, or what would be of particular interest.

Yesterdays trip proved to me a wash out. By the time I reached Walmart in Aransas Pass to pick up my meds, the temps were in the upper 90's. There was so much humidity in the air, you would'a think it was fog. A stop was made along the highway to Port Aransas for a pee break. These are the times when Sadie Mae does her "you can't find me" disappearing act. Explor'n ya know. I start look'n for her, don't see her nowheres out there in the weeds an' brush. Where the hell is my Sadie Mae?

Well shoot, there her are, sit'n in "that jeep" soak'n up on the air conditioning come'n out the dash. It was [that] hot that she weren't want'n nuttin to do with it. Me neither. We discuss to possibility of go'n back to "da house".

We stop off at Dairy Queen for ice cream. A chocolate shake for me an' a cup of soft serve for her. Sadie Mae do like her soft serve ice cream. I like my chocolate shakes too.

On the way back to "da house", I got to think'n bout back surgery again. I was hurt'n. At some point an' time, it's gonna have to be done. It only gets worse every day.

Bout bed time I start think'n....."ya ain't gonna sleep....ya gonna have leg cramps". Now I'm get'n skeered to go to bed at night. I pumps up the Number bed a bit, we'll try this "number" tonight. Hmmmmmm, that feel pretty good. So I just lay there "think'n" for the next freak'n two hours. But I didn't have none them leg cramps.

Bout 3am, I jumps up for a bathroom run....bout to pee my pants. What the hell, I stubs my little toe. Knock the toe nail slap off. It's gone....nuttin there but a nasty look'n spot where there used to be a toe nail. Did it hurt? Nope. Does it hurt this morn'n? Nope. Don't feel a thing. I done this before, but on a different toe. It will grow back.

Ok, since we talk'n bout toe nails, did I ever tell ya bout the time? When I were a teenager, I used to steal borrow the battery out Uncle Luke's truck to start my old cars. I was good at run'n a full charge battery down to slap dead. I drop that heavy sucker right on my big toe. Thought I done broke it. That afternoon, Uncle Luke an' aunt Myrt was go'n to Los Angeles for the week end......I went along. Now let me tell ya bout pain, the old Billy Bob was in some kind of pain. That toe was throb'n all the way there an' the entire week end. In Los Angeles, Aunt Myrt tried her darndest to talk me into let'n her relieve the pressure with a big ol' needle. I weren't hav'n no part of that. I hate needles. Skeer me slap to death.

We got back home two days later. I got big ol' tears of pain roll'n down my cheeks. I beg aunt Myrt to break out her big ol' needle. Ya see, what ya do is flatten the end that needle, heat it up red hot, an' gently drill a hole in the toe nail. Instant relief. My God that feel sooooo good.



  1. Had the winders open again last night and this morning. Bout 72.

  2. Did I ever tell you about the time I dropped a steel fire door onto my sandal-clad foot? That 'twas when I learned to heat up a paper clip red hot on the stove and drill through the nail on the big toe. Got a geyser that splattered the wall four foot away. Blessed, blessed relief.

    I started taking potassium tablets when I was taking naproxen for my hip and hand pain. That cut the leg cramps down to almost tolerable. Might work for you - ask your saw-bones.

    1. I appreciate your thought on my leg cramps, but they come from a back injury, not shortage of potassium.

      Little did I know as a teenager, that the adult world knew more than I. Like you say....blessed blessed relief!!!

  3. I have an old back injury that sometimes causes my legs to jerk uncontrollably at night. Sure makes it hard to get to sleep when it does that.

  4. About 45 years ago or more my daughter had one of those toenails... you know... it's dead... only waiting for the new one to grow in and make that old one fall off. That danged toenail finally fell off.... we were at the Daytona Races ... camping in Florida... me and the ex and our 2 (very) youngsters. My wonderful daughter held that toenail that finally fell off... asked me, quite seriously, if she put that toenail under her pillow would the Good Fairy (in this case, not tooth, but toenail) come visit her during the night. OF COURSE IT WOULD! I think she got a quarter for the darned thing... so... while I'm sorry you're having leg and foot problems, I'll have to tell you that they do bring back a few memories....

  5. We used a sharp pointed pocket knife to drill thru the nail. Just keep turning.

  6. I have back problems that need surgery. I have noticed random jerkings of a foot and sometimes the leg.

  7. Not fun when ya can't sleep , better luck today.