Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Blither an' blather....nuttin interest'n

Oh boy, I'm completely lost for blog ideas this morning.

I guess I could say something bout that thermostat that I cain't fine in all of Corpus Christi. Spend 4 hours look'n for that dad gum thing. Accord'n to Google, this particular T-stat was discontinued back in '06. This is the second one that "broke" in 8 years, so I rekon that's the reason for discontinu'n the damn thing. But anyhows, the conversion I found on Google is a simple and cheap ($20 to $25) fix using a Hunter digital t-stat from Walmart or Home Depot. I may change out both t-stats while I'm at it.

Ok, here's the deal.....my internet connection really sucks. Sometimes I get me one bar an' it's really really slooooooow.  I ain't all that far from the towers that provide me a signal, but since all the trees have leaves on them now, "my internet signal sucks". So here what I'm gonna do. Nephew Joseph has a signal antenna and amplifier in his 1 ton pick up. I gonna try hook up to it and see what kind of signal I can get. If it's good, the old Billy Bob gonna head to Corpus Christi an' get me one. Rather expensive, but what the hell, I ain't gonna be tak'n no money with me when I keel over an' die.

Yup.....gonna have to make some changes to that Weber Q grill. Ya see, last night I were gonna grill me up a bake tater an' some pork ribs. The damn thing burn my supper. Too freak'n hot, even on low flame (375degs). I was eat'n charcoal, an' I rune (ruined) a perfectly good tater. This ain't the first time I burn something slap up on this new grill an' it ain't gonna be the last. "Ya gotta watch it Billy Bob. When ya see smoke, something is on fire".

Since we talk'n bout grills, everthing I put on the grate stick to it (the grate is cast iron). I'm wonder'n if'n that grill will get "cured" like what a cast iron skillet do.

Went to bed early last night think'n I would get up early this morn'n. Ha.....that worked out well....got up at 8am. I had intended to make it to the golf course before it got hot. Try out that new driver ya know. Well, when I open the door to let Sadie Mae outside for her morn'n exploration of the yard, I was hit by a gust of hot air. Ain't gonna be no golf ball swak'n today.

I got to go outside today an' crawl up under "da house". Ya see, the windershield washer thingy is broke. Two of the mounting tabs broke slap off. I need some part numbers so's I can order a new one. God, I hate crawl'n up under the "da house". Maybe I can fix (modify) the tank an' save me some $$$$. Hmmmmmm...duck tape an' wire ties.

Well shoot, I ain't get'n nuttin done sit'n here on my ass......


  1. Got a good eatin place here in Goliad, the Empressario. Yesterday they had liver and onions, baked tater and fried okra with a roll for the lunch special. Man it was good. Heddin over to dere in a minute to check out todays special. It got hot ridin SightSeer this morning. Really pretty and interesting trail to ride though. Have fun.

  2. I had to go have blood drawn this morning so I was up and over to the lab by the time they opened the door. Other than make coffee and have my breakfast, I've been sitting on mine! I'm feeling healthier by the day but by now I'm too damn lazy to do anything!

  3. I really like your new header picture. Much better than that old longhorn.

  4. All this talking about food and grilling sure got me hungry! I'm gonna go with Barney!

  5. Is there anything you do not "modify" ???

    I just love the new header picture...those burritos are so cute :)

    Where did he get them?

  6. Hmm not sure why everything burning and sticking.
    I get the grill good and hot about 15-20 minutes on high, smoking hot, clean with a stainless steel grill brush then, turn to low or medium and always put oil on the food, not the grill. If you wanna cook slower a double layer of foil under some kind of trivet or whatever make it work kinda like and oven, even heat. Put some grill marks on it from the grill either before or right at the end of cooking.
    Mine does not have a thermometer so don't know what temps I and cooking at. just low to medium low, Last night couple prime rib steaks perfect rare 2 minutes a side. Small taters good too about 35 minutes right on the grill bit of oil, salt and pepper on them (shake in a plastic bag with a bit of oil )turn every 10-25 minutes or wrap in foil and turn them too.

    1. Pork ribs I like to put in a foil pan over sauerkraut and a couple spoon full of water. Cover tight and cook about 40 minutes on low. (kinda stem them and make em tender). Take them out of pan and finish on the grill for a few minutes (grill marks) then turn a couple times with my favourite BBQ sauce. Fall off the bone good. Meantime the taters pretty well done perfect.

    2. Now that sounds like good eating George....