Friday, July 26, 2013

Swelter'n heat...not really

Well shoot.....here I was sit'n there on the couch, head fall'n off to this side an' then that side, drool run'n down my chin....I was fall'n into a blissful sleep. Ok, one more smoke, one more 30 minute program, an' I'm go'n to bed. HA...right. I lay there, toss an' turn, think'n bout crap what don't have nuttin to do with my life today. I was in "do stupit stuff" memory mode for bout two hours. 

Got up one time bout 3am to shake the beginn'n of a leg cramp out an' take a whizz....I was back to sleep in nuttin flat. Sleep pretty darn good too. Sadie Mae wake me up bout 8:30 want'n to go outside. Typical for a dog what gotta pee.

Did it get hot yesterday? Well, let me tell ya....yeah it did. Bout 2pm yesterday that thermometer thingy got up to 102 degs. Weather channel on TV say the heat index was 110 degs. Just off hand, I would say that's kind of hot.

I been through 72 summers in my life time, an' this summer ain't been the hottest one I ever see. In fact, 57 year ago, to be exact, I live in Twenty Nine Palms, Ca. Out there in the shade of them big ol' trees by the water storage tank, it were 115 degs almost every day. I sleep outside 'cause it were too hot to sleep in the house. I'm a old folk. I remember all them hot summers of half a century ago....what are bout the same today as they was back then....give or take a deg. here an' there. No, yesterday weren't all that hot.

I'm spoiled, that what it are. With the invention of air condition'n, an' everbody got one, it could be 80 degs outside an' everbody would be complain'n...."it's too hot".  Hog wash!!! Ain't nuttin but a bunch of "sissys".....sit'n in the house look'n out the winders. Yeah, I do that myself, believe it or not. I ain't so tuff no more....."it's too hot".

So, we took care of the weather situation, now what ya wanna do? "What do YOU wanna do Billy Bob"? Well hell, I don't know. I been told that I own a motorhome....it needs to be on the road. No it don't, unless I say so. Dad gum lumber yard sells concrete blocks ya know. What ya think bout that?

I been RV'n for right at twelve years. I'm get'n tired. I'm wore slap out. The excitement is gone. I have a few health issues. RV'n ain't play no more, it's work.
All the above is subject to change without further notice.
All I gotta do is drive "da house' to the propane sell'n place, go fill up the gas tank, hook up "that jeep".....an' go. Sounds easy don't it? A few years ago, it was easy. It ain't no more....see above.


  1. Don't you have to go back to New Mexico to see your doctor or something? Better do that before you put Sally up on blocks.

    1. Don't be silly Dizzy, you know I ain't gonna put "Sally" up on blocks. Sheesh!!!!

    2. Ha! that's what I thot too. Just need to pick the place for it.

  2. My word, Billy Bob, you sounding like me. I'm wishy-washy now that I'm in the Golden Years. Just a bit older than you but its this way now depending on the degree of aches and pains: "I think I will"; "no, I think I can't"; "I can do this"; "Who am I fooling, I can't do that"! I sure wish I could do all the stuff I conjure up in my mind. Yes, I surely do. My golden years are nothing but a headache and a heartache. I seriously think it is because I'm alone, 'cept for all these dogchiles I have.

    Lord, what a distance for you to have to travel to see the doctor!

  3. Yea Dizzy I can't wait for that adventure to start, not going to miss a signal day no man. Like to tag along and vista one of my boys out in El Paso. I can see it now Billy-Bob Sadie-Mae and me road trip....

  4. When I was growing up in Cincinnati where the summers were hot and humid, we didn't have A/C, of course. We slept out on the front porch like a lot of folks in our neighborhood. I don't like air conditioning to this day.

  5. I think you need to hook up with a lady that shares your passion for RV'ing. There does not need to be "relationship" just a traveling companion type of arrangement.

    Having someone to share our adventures with makes things a lot more exciting.