Friday, July 19, 2013

Frick'n Verizon

Dad gum Verizon. I done farted (exhausted) all my know how to fix stuff related to computers an' internet connections.

Now I ain't say'n that I ain't got no internet connection or nuttin like that. I got a scream'n hot connection on 4G LTE....what ever the hell that is. This new air card has made a great big ol' improvement to "fast". I'm talk'n 10 times faster than my old air card, just like what the nice guy at the Verizon store tell me. Do I like my new air card? You can bet yer bippy I do. Sucker go a hunnert mile a hour in first gear.

But that ain't the problem. It's that damn broadband manager program what piss me off. That's a little program so's ya can see what go'n on with your air card.....connect an' disconnect....stuff like that. That nice little manager program pop up on the screen....then all a sudden, poooof, it's gone. Now I ain't got no way to turn the air card off (disconnect). I cain't turn it off from the "networks" thingy in the lower right side.....cain't do nuttin from there. Next trip to Corpus Christi, I gonna grab that nice feller what sold me this thing an' tell him....to fix it. Bet ya a dollar that don't work.

Ok, I'm frustrated enough for one day. Let's talk bout something else. Like the rust on the "billy bike". That sucker is almost brand spank'n new, but it's rust'n as it sits outside in the elements. I was think'n I would go out there an' "lick" it....see if'n there any salt on it. But I would hate to get caught lick'n a bicycle.

Yesterday I jump on the "billy bike", head for the road......gonna ride up the road a piece. What the hell, it don't shift. Rust!!! Now I gotta do some maintenance on it. WD-40 fix anything. If'n it don't move....WD it.

Remember that toe I was tell'n ya bout what I thought I broked? Last night that toe was hurt'n pretty dad gum good. I starts rub'n it, feel'n round....stuff like that, an' find something loose up under the skin. Kind of like a loose lug nut, right where that big knuckle joint is at. Got a couple new lumps on it too. "Damn Billy Bob, ya need to go to Walmart an' buy you up a wheelchair.....or a walker, crutches, something like that".

As much as I want to go somewheres, I just cain't get my self all excitis bout pack'n up an' hit'n the road. I also ain't all excitis bout sit'n here at "el Rancho Abraham" do'n nuttin. I ain't like'n this one bit. A week ago I say....."let's hook up "that jeep" an' go visit OFM Barney". Play some golf, launch the "bubba boat....go fish'n.....stuff like that. Oh Oh.....I'm think'n again. That's not always good.

Got the windshield washer tank yesterday. Now who gonna crawl up under "Sally da house" an' install it?
"Hey favorite nephew Joseph, how's bout do'n me a favor"? I'll try that first.

But before I do that, I hear a "billy bike" call'n me........laters.  


  1. About today's blog title, I say the same thing every single day, but I'm sure neither you nor I say "Frick'n" Verizon. Even when their devices work ok there is always something that isn't right with them. Next June when my contract runs out I'm outta there!

    1. jajajaja Gypsy...got a good laugh from your comment...you're honest!

      I used to say the same thing when I had Cricket and it was daily (my face blushing) :D

  2. I have had great service from them and help when needed.

  3. "caught lick'n a bicycle" - Yeah Billy Bob, that might look a bit strange. LOL. Are you close to the saltwater; that sure will advance rusting. My, my, you make me laugh, most every day.

  4. I plan to get SightSeer washed this weekend. Then a lube and check of all the parts will complete the get ready. That salt air is hard on bikes and my bike is a steel frame instead of aluminium.

  5. I think I have a dollar coming my way :)

    Really curious to see how your new set up works when you come to Del Rio.

  6. Check out the sign that MsBelinda posted on her blog site: http://terlinguadreams.blogspot.com/