Sunday, July 21, 2013

One hell of a night at "da house"

Oh boy howdy....what a night. It all started with that damn "billy bike". I jump on that sucker an' take off up the road. By the time I was in 4th gear, I done pass the spot where I usually turn around an' go back home. Here come two big ol' dogs.....an' they look like they gonna chase me. Nip at my fast pump'n legs....something like that. One runs up long side me....bark'n...."git off my land". "I'm try'n, damn it, I'm try'n"!!! I ain't got no shoes on.....I'm gonna kick that damn dog with my bare foot. Probly gonne break my toe or something like that. That when I like to fall slap off'n the "billy bike".....strike one. A clean miss by bout a good foot or so. Both dogs go back home....laugh'n I suppose. I continue on.

By the time I get back to "da house", I'm wored slap out....but my legs ain't hurt'n like the last bike ride. Not yet anyhows. Bout 11pm, I cain't get comfortabe.....lay'n o the couch watch'n TV ya know. I ain't sleepy, so's I stay up till 2am.....Sadie Mae ask'n when we gonna go to bed. I lay down in bed, toss an' turn a bit.....pump up the mattress a number or two. 3am, I jump straight up in the air.....holy crap, I got me leg cramps. 4am, I'm sit'n on the couch rub'n out another leg cramp. 7am, I got me some more leg cramps. 8am, I give up an' brew me up a pot. Damn, what a night that was.

Ya learn stuff when ya read other blogs. Like yesterday, I learn that I ain't the only one what has problems with get'n older. Here's a guy what had heart surgery a while back. He has pains in his chest. He get's wore slap out just like the old Billy Bob do. He ain't got no insurance. Medicaid won't help him. What's a guy, or a gal to do?

But that's just one case of poor health. Right here in our own little circle of bloggers, we got some older folks liv'n right out there on the edge of one foot in an' one foot out. We done lost two of 'em bout a year ago. Not 'cause they didn't have no insurance, but 'cause they was bull headed. "I don't need no stink'n doctor". Think they was invincible....gonna live forever. "Dang Billy Bob, that sound just like you".  

 Got that windshield washer tank installed an' hook up this morn'n. Thank ya nephew Joseph.


  1. Not a good way to spend a night. We old people do have problems. Getting old sucks, but I like it better than the alternative.

  2. I hate you ;-) you sent the leg cramps to me last night. Now I'm limping around cause they wore out my calves. Have you tried the soap under the sheets yet? I took more potassium after they started but it didn't seem to help. This morning I made sure I had foods with calcium and magnesium. I will stretch gently before bed tonight and I learned how to move the leg during the cramp to relieve it. Dang they hurt!

  3. sorry about your cramps, maybe ride ever other day. Now, you know you have to go to the doc, next month. So, better read or hear your packing up and going to Deming. why or you riding bare footed. sheez...love you...

  4. Having to face the fact that I won't ever be as mobile as in the past, just hoping now I can just get around enough to keep living alone. Not a great future, huh? Guess we take each day as they come.

  5. Honestly Bill, the leg cramps you get so frequently worry me. No trying to frighten you or anyone else but the last person who wrote about having bad leg cramps for a long time, had one one night, got up the next morning, made a post, remarked they'd be back later and died 4 days later of a massive heart attack.
    I know your doctor is in Deming but is there no way your insurance would cover you to see someone near where you are? It's possible you may have a blockage in your legs, or a blood clot. For heaven's sake,see a doctor, please!

    Kathie SW Ohio

    1. I could not agree more with what Kathie said. Please go see a doctor Billy Bob...do it for us your readers!

  6. Good luck with them leg cramps.
    Glad we have the health care here in Canada, had some bad chest pains last night so pff to the hospital for a whole mess of tests.
    Turns out all is good, just kinda scary.