Monday, July 1, 2013

Another day....again???

Have ya ever wake up in the morn'n and say....."Oh hell, another day"? That happen to me this morn'n. I rekon if'n ya ain't got nuttin go'n on in your life to be excitis bout, ya gonna feel that way. Bout the most excitis thing happen to me today, I waked up.

So that leaves the question of what to write about. Well shoot, there ain't nuttin. I'm sit'n here hav'n a hard time stay'n awake much less write something. Spent the whole dad gum morn'n do'n my normal internet stuff. Now the day is half gone an' I'm just now think'n bout the blog.

I got my big ol' bag of golf clubs sit'n here in the "da house". Right over there in view from where ever I'm sit'n of lay'n on my backside. I get all excitis when I look at them clubs. Last night I looks over there at them clubs, think'n "go outside an' swak some balls". Ya see, there ain't no neighbor houses or park'n lots across the road. I can hit balls off in that direction an' not break no winders or put dents in somebody's car. Theres a telephone pole over there where I gonna swak them balls. It's right along side the road...."don't hit the telephone pole Billy Bob". I tees up a ball bout two inches, rares back with my trusty driver an' I swaks that ball a hunnert mile a hour. OH SHIT....I hits the transformer, or possibly the fuse holder, on the telephone pole. The lights in "da house" go out.....only for a second an' come back on. Scare hell out me. "Da lights go out"??? Well yeah, it's dark outside. That was the end of my golf ball swak'n for the day night.

What ya think bout this weather....HUH??? This is what I'm talk'n bout. Not too sure, but I don't think it hit 90 degs yesterday. Today is almost the same. Temp is hovern'n round bout 92 degs.

Today is the day I can take Sadie Mae back to the vet to get her stitches took out. Or if'n I want to, I can wait till tomorrow. She look like she's healed up real good. No infection or anything like that. Hair has started to grow back out. Sadie Mae is good to go.

Ok.....got things to do....laters.


  1. It is miserable hot outside so stay in and wash your golf club grips.

  2. I'm so glad to hear that Sadie Mae is doing well. Now you, Billy Bob, hitting a transformer? You could cause some big time trouble but then you already know that.

    1. Yeah, especially if the power company finds a golf ball dent in the side of it. "How that golf ball dent get in this transformer? Who that guy over there swak'n golf balls" Yeah, I can see your point....trouble.

      Took Sadie Mae to get stiches out. She fine. Made appointment for a groom job wed. morning. Will post pic.

  3. What is it that I am reading...Billy Bob is going to take Sadie Mae to be groomed by a professional?

    Thank heavens...it was about time you quit doing it yourself! Glad to hear she is doing well and got her stitches out.

  4. Had to take my female cat to get spayed, and just the trip freaked her out. So, when it was time for them to come out, I clipped them with clippers, and turned her loose. Of course, she pulled them right out....lol. All of 2...

  5. Glad to hear she is fine also BB, she sounds like a good dog.