Friday, March 23, 2012

Blowed up

Ya see, it's like this....when I left the house yesterday morn'n to go to the lake, there was just a tiny itty bitty bit of a breeze blow'n. I got to the lake an' sit there in "that jeep" sip'n up a cup and do some figger out what to do. The wind was com'n up.

Bout the time I had the "bubba boat" half blowed up, it were too late. The wind done "blowed up" my plans. There was white caps on the water, tree limbs flap'n in the breeze. Ain't gonna be a good day for sit'n in a blow up boat catch'n up big ol' bass fishes. Gonna blow to Mexico that what gonna happen.

I slips into my waders.....gonna do some wade fish'n. By this time, the wind was crank'n on at bout 10 to 15 mile a hour, blow'n my fish'n string it the bushes every time I cast. This ain't good. So I goes an' sit in "that jeep" an' eat me up a big ol' pork chop....think'n.....maybe it gonna quit blow'n. Then I went to sleep.....little nap ya know.

I wakes up to no sound. Wind has died down. No white caps on the water. Quick....blow up the "bubba boat". Too late again. By the time I get the boat laid out on the ground an' ready to blow it up....here come the wind again. I give up. Go to "da house". Take another nap.

Now today, I gonna go fish'n, no matter the wind blow'n or not. I gots fish'n fever.

Look like I gonna spend me another week or so here at Falcon Lake.  I been camp lot's of places all over the south and south west and this is one place I have found real comfort. Although I do miss the javelina root'n in the yard and other critters over at the State Park, the County Park is free. And it only a couple three mile from the lake. Don't need no stink'n electricity when ya got solar panels and a gob of batteries. I know that out of 4 golf cart batteries, one of them ain't feel'n so good.  But what the hell, I don't use that much electricity.....so's, I'm good to go.
Then I got to go back to the coast to take care of some yearly business. Nephew Joseph fount me another Jeep to look at to replace this POS "that jeep". Have ya ever totally hated your car? Grrrrrrrr....

Ok....things to do ya know.....laters.


  1. I kinda feel that way about my F150. It's old and I don't have any confidence in it!

    When it runs, it runs good! When...! Always something, isn't it?

  2. Had a late model Olds once, and yep, hated that LEMON from the get-go. Broke down every time i went out of town, so i limited my trips to like, 30 miles. Then worried the whole time about what would go that time.

    1. So mad at it one nite, i drove it on home with a horrible knocking. also one time, left it sitting on the side of the road open to anybody that wanted it. lolollol. The knocking was the oil screen stopped up.