Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day to relax????

Well crap, ain't got nuttin to write about this morn'n. It ain't like I didn't do nuttin yesterday, but it's not write worthy.

But guess what.....I'm gonna tell ya anyhows. Ya see , Barney decided to meet me at the lake and play with his kayak. By the time he got there, I had done made a run out on the lake and got blowed all over the place by the forecased 2 to 4 mph winds. Ha, what do forecasters know bout wind.....it were right up there bout 15 miles a hour.

I were sit'n there in "that jeep" look'n at "bubba boat"....engineering ya know, when I got a idea. Move the battery to the front of the boat....(Weight distribution ya know). Took 'er out on the lake for a test spin. Holy cows, what a difference that makes. Go a hunnert mile a hour straight like a arrow. So's I cast my trusty bass catch'n lure and all I catched was the back end of "bubba boat". Didn't hear no air gushing out a big ol' hole, but to be safe, I headed to shore.
This is what I fount hang'n on for dear life to the back of the boat. After examining for damage to the air bladder inside the outside covering, it was determined that there was no hole. "You lucky sum a gum Billy Bob". Casting technique has to be reconsidered. The hook did not penetrate the outer cover....only hang'n on to a few strands of cloth. One more trip out on the lake proved that "bubba boat" don't like wind over 12 mile a hour. 

Back at camp I set "bubba boat" on the picnic table an' blowed it up with all the wind I could muster. One half pound air ain't enough. Gotta get me one them hi pressure pump thingys what ya pump with your foot. Anyhows, did a slight modification to the motor mount.
That's all I did....but it was a successful day.

Got up this morn'n to more wind. Damn, is it ever gonna quit? Got to remember the weather in Falcon State Park in March when winter in south Texas next year. Maybe the other end of the lake would be a better choice with all the protected coves on that end.

I been think'n bout that guy what's been kill'n snakes. I would think that a native Texan would have no fear of snakes, especially little grass snakes. Can't believe a guy would kill a defenseless little snake just to be kill'n something. And then blame his actions on the neighbor.
That my rant for the day.

Ok, got things to do.....even if'n they ain't right.


  1. You and the bubba boat, plus fishing gear, could be dangerous! If I'm ever in the vicinity and out on that lake, I'll watch out for a boat going a hunnert miles an hour!

  2. I am starting to agree with Gypsy, just be careful.

  3. BillyBob... your blog just makes my day. Not too many guys can cast a rod and hook their boat! You just aiming to catch the Biggest one on the lake????

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  4. Who would want to kill those harmless snakes??,, They eat mice, rats, bugs, etc. I WANT them around.

  5. I have a couple of king snakes that hang out around my place, wish there were more. Ain't seen no mice or rats for a long time, must be some here, otherwise the snakes would pull up stakes and go find some. Now if I could just get them interested in tree rats, we would all be happy.