Monday, March 5, 2012

Good day?...some are, some ain't

There's an old say'n what been go'n round for the last few hunnert years. In fact, lots if them been go'n round. But they all mean the same thing. "I woke up on the green side of the grass", "I woke up alive", "I'm breath'g ain't I?". All have to do with death, or in most cases, if you can quote an old say'n, still alive. But just being alive don't make wak'n up a good day. It takes some effort on your part in order make the proclamation you had a good day. Chances are that I may have a good day since I got the first part right.....wak'n up.

Yesterday morn'n I were sit'n there on the couch sip'n a cup and think'n. It was still dark outside. I hear something. What the hell....it's a freak'n rooster. Now you would think boondock'n out in the middle of a big ol' field, you ain't gonna hear no rooster crow'n. Ya ain't gonna hear nuttin. But sure enough, there it was....a rooster crow'n his lungs out wak'n everybody up for miles an' miles.

It were windy again yesterday and accord'n to the local weather forecast thingy, it gonna be windy today too. All the way up till thursday. That means "no fish'n". That reminds me of when Gerry an' me would load up the old '51 Studebaker an' head for the lake....do some stream fish'n along the way. Back then, there weren't no "no fish'n" an' "no trespass'n" signs. Ya just drove into some farm, park along the road an' go fish'n in the creek. Sign people make big bucks sell'n them signs now days. Ya see 'em everywheres. On telephone poles, trees, fence posts an' hang'n on barb wire.

Last night I had a rude awaken'n. I weren't really sleep'n but I were engrossed in a book bout a feller sav'n a damsel in distress. Put a hurt'n on them fellers what was steal'n young wimmins an' sell'n them. Anyhows....I see light out there in the dark. There a pick up truck out there mak'n the rounds. Shin'n a light in campsites. Mine included. I turn on my porch light and that truck just disappear....pooof, just like that. My first thought was Border Patrol, but they don't drive black trucks. I rekon I could have lock all my doors, pull the shades closed an' sit there shak'n in my underdrawers, but old Billy Bob, he ain't skeered nuttin. I load up my little shotgun an' finish my story.

Sure would like to go fish'n. Some people don't like fish'n ya know. Or they don't understand what it means to catch up a big ol' fish. Oh well, to each his own. I would rather go fish'n than to sit down to a breakfast of fresh baked biscuits and sausage gravy. Boy howdy, that sound good don't it?

On with my day. May it be a good'un.

Well I'm be darned. Just check my blog......yup, double post again. It got to be this Chrome thingy browser. Although yesterday it were OK. Back to Firefox....good bye Chrome.


  1. ummm Billy Bob.... double post? I think I'm seein' three.


  2. Yep, but I don't mind commenting on both. BTW, a shotgun is a good idea.

  3. I think these are Google problems. Google is probably tinkering around with how they can get more info on everyone - now they have 2 or 3 times the info on Billy Bob.

  4. I have i LITTLE shotgun too. 1/4" legal, chrome, cute little thang.

  5. Yeap, Google is tinkering with what was not broke. See three posts for you this morning.

    Always a good idea to have a gun by your side.

    Hope your day gets better.

    BTW hate that they took away having follow up comments sent to my e-mail...now I don't know if someone said something bad about me:)

  6. Billy Bob,here is what I found. This error is caused by duplicate Blog gadget. It is most likely occurred after you changed your template to a third party template. Read more here & how to fix it.


    Good luck

  7. Keep that shotgun loaded all the time BB. Otherwise it is no better then a club. The 357 too!