Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Maybe it's fixed.....

Boy howdy!!! I looks at yesterdays comments and "what the hell"....there's 3 posts to my blog. So this morn'n before most ya got up, I did some post test'n and editing using both Firefox and Chrome. The results are as follows....Chrome sucks. The reason I say this is 'cause when I edit my post using Chrome, it adds a second post....then a third. Every freak'n time I edit.
Jim had suggested I change....actually edit the HTML, to correct the problem, but I already been there done that. Thank's Jim for the time you spent try'n to help the old Billy Bob. I guess I should have called on old Ben to fix the problem. He always helps me in these kind of situations.

I just had to finish that book last night. Boy howdy...it were excit'n. But yesterday weren't so excit'n. With the wind blow'n up a storm for the third day in a row, I sit inside most the day feel'n sorry for myself. I could have breaked out the vacuum cleaner and do the carpets, but they gonna get all clog up with dirt and sand again.....so what the hell. Or I could have broke out some winder clean'n supplies and wash all the winders. But I can see out them, so that can wait too. That old sink water, with a thick scum on top, it could go "water a tree" 'cause it sure do stinks....but that can wait too. "Dang Billy Bob, ain't ya gonna do nuttin"?

Milk is sour. Bread is get'n hard. Out of Spam. Coffee get'n low. Got two eggs left. Taters all got "eyes". May be a good day to go to the store. Just down the road a piece ya know.

Have ya ever just sit back an' relax, be content an' all that stuff? Well that what old Billy Bob is do'n. When I pull into this "free" camp'n place, I figgered I would have all kinds of visitors, big semi's go'n down the highway, trains blow'n their horns, Border Patrol chasn'n bad guys.....stuff like that. But it ain't like that. Not quite peaceful as I would like, but comfortable and relax'n. An' ya can't beat the price.

I were sit'n out there on "da porch" sip'n a cup.....do'n some think'n an' I hears what I was think'n was a cat get'n eat up by a coyote or something like that. God awful sound. Here comes a lady down the road, arms talk'n, head rared back, sing'n to the world. What she was sing'n, I have no idea, but damn....that girl need some kind of help. Kind of skeered me.....if'n ya know what I mean.

1pm.....or there bouts.
Well, me an' Sadie Mae loaded up "that jeep" and took off for the grocery store in Roma, Texas. Weren't a long trip, but with the road construction, it were a 45 mile a hour trip....dodg'n chug holes, yeller barrels, bulldozers, tractors an' stuff like that.
This is a meat market. Ya ain't gonna find one these in no Walmart, so I were pleased to look at meat. They had some great big ol' T-bone steaks what was holler'n "buy me". But I didn't since there ain't no room in the freezer. Sides that, I got bout 6 steaks I gotta eat 'fore they turn green. You do know that ya can scrape that green off and they still taste purty good. I did buy a chunk of beef to make me up some beef stew soup. But I got to freeze it since I bought a bucket of chicken to eat first. Damn, that gonna take 4 days.
See that big field over there cross the road? That where old Billy Bob lives. That white thing in the middle of the pic is "Sally da house". Just sit'n out there in amungst all them little trees.

I let Sadie Mae out this morn'n with out her rope wrap round her neck. What did she do? Took off, that what she do. Had to jump in "that jeep" an' go pick her up. She were out there in the road huff'n an' puff'n headed to Mexico. Crazy dog.

"Fire Billy Bob, the bag of donuts is on fire". Sheesh, now what? Ya see, by accident I left a burner on low this morn'n when I cook me up some oatmeal. Forgot to turn the thing off. Well, when I get back from the store, I eat me up one them donuts. Put the bag up on the stove an' start eat eat me a piece that chicken. Don't guess I need to say no more.
Saved the donuts before they catched on fire, but most the chocolate is gone....pooof, just like that.

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  1. Never has done that on mine. But i don't care what u use as long as u keep on posting! Bet those fish are hungry by the time that wind quits blowing! Will bite anything.

  2. Careful with fires in the RV, not good. How do the donuts taste with melted plastic on them?

  3. Sure glad that's all that burned! I've done that trick with burners at home, but never set anything on them that could catch fire. In the RV there's a metal stove cover that I always shut when I'm not cooking. Hopefully I'll never be so absent minded to close it on an open flame.

  4. Looks like you had donuts and hot chocolate. :)