Thursday, March 29, 2012

Falcon Lake fever

What can I say, I have a fever. Yeah I like to fish. Probably better than most things I do. Although I sure would like to be building something, using my hands to create a memory of some sort. But.....I ain't got no wood, so that's out of the question until a later date. In the mean time, it's fish'n".

Didn't mention it, but that damn slide out is act'n up again. OFM Barney had to assist the hunnert hp motor that operates the slide out the other day when we made our move back to the State Park. So repairing the slide out is on my priority list as soon as I arrive back on the Gulf coast. How long does it take Billy Bob to repair slide outs? Hell, I don't know....never did it before.

Yesterday afternoon me an' my trusty companion Sadie Mae took a little trip down to the lake. Just look'n round ya know. Made a few casts out into the brushy areas and "I want you lookie here", I done catched me up a bass fish. Then Barney showed up and "sugar talked" MY bass over to where he was fish'n. He catched up 2.....just like that.

Today is a good day for fish'n. Ain't hardly a breeze outside. Ain't no sun neither. What ya think? Should I???
Yeah, I think that what I better do. Gonne take "bubba boat" over there to a new fish'n spot....catch me up a 14 pounds bass.

Ok....things to do.....I'm out of here.


  1. Hope you can finally catch your elusive 14 pound bass Billy Bob.

    Are there a lot of RV'ers down at Falcon Lake at this time?

    1. Thanks MsB, but my chances for a 10 pounds bass don't look so good either. But.....as long as I can catch me up a few, I'm do'n what God invented fish for....catch'n me sum.

      No, not many RV'er in the park. If you're not a fisherman, there's not much else to do at Falcon Lake.

  2. It is now 3 pm and BB has caught so many bass that Bubba Boat is tired out from being pulled around. Man that BB is a bass catching devil. He is still on the lake!

  3. You really don't want to catch that 14 lb bass, cause then there would be no goal to shoot for, and fishing wouldn't be any fun. Of course you could spend the rest of your life bragging about it.

  4. I'd rather catch 14 one pound bass.