Friday, March 9, 2012

Hot damn, it's cold........

Must of been the chicken. But then it could have been the donuts. Or maybe the "border" taters. They do stuff different here on the border of Mexico. Let me back up here for a second. Yesterday the old Billy Bob were sick like a dog. Had to be something I ate. Even though it was a very nice day to go do something, I weren't get'n far from a outhouse. An' a good thing too.

Now bout that chicken. Everybody likes fried chicken....right? It sure look good with all that crispy crust. But....it weren't Churches or Mr. Sanders Kentucky fried chicken. It were nasty....all stringy, dry, an' taste like fried rooster. Being this close to the border, there ain't no tell'n what this chicken was eat'n 'fore they put it to some awful death, pull all his feathers out an' cut him into little pieces to serve to the general public.

And them donuts. My God, them were some beautiful donuts if I ever did see some beautiful donuts. They was all puff up big an' round, covered with a thick layer of chocolate. Uh huh, I mean to tell ya. First bite tole me real quick like, these donuts weren't made in the good ol' USA. Smuggled 'cross the border I betcha. The chocolate was all gritty like the desert sands of the west. I'm think'n these beautiful donuts was fried in lard, pig fat. Reason I say that, they taste like pork chops.

All in all, yesterday sucked. Was hot....weather thingy says 95 in mid afternoon. Couldn't get a good nap 'cause of the flies land'n on my nose. Was weak all day. Dizzy spells every time I get up to do something. Fix that real quick by "do'n nuttin". Sit outside, gonna grill me up a big ol' bake tater and a steak for supper. End up eat'n a bowl of Fruit Loops.

Bout 10:30 last night, the wind change direction. Well shoot, I already knowed that was gonna happen. Weather thingy ya know. By midnight, it were blow'n a gale an' blow that way for the rest of the night. "Sally da house" shak'n in her boots. Waked up this morn'n all wrap up in my covers....it were cold in here.....wind still blow'n 30 mile a hour. It's 45 degs outside and not much more inside. Good thing I didn't put the Mr. Heater in the basement. Got that thing crank'n full bore.....18,000 btu's.

"Now what ya gonna do Billy Bob"? What ever it is, I hope it's productive.


  1. I think you need a start to a new day! Hope today is better for you----

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  2. Hope you're feeling better. Be careful what you eat!

  3. Musta been that chicken,,wait,, or maybe that doughnut.
    After that description, i might not eat chicken for ages!

  4. Don't think I want to go to lunch with you... hope you get feeling better soon, and when you do, be more careful what you eat.

  5. Pork chop donuts. Yayuh.

  6. There ain't nothing worse then the "Back Door Trots".

  7. Billy Bob everytime you over eat you get sick. Bet you had more than your fair share of that chicken or rooster as you call it :D