Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wind and rain...maybe

Well ,well, well, another day in paradise. Yee Ha!!! Well, I wouldn't really call it paradise when the wind blows my lawn chairs all over the yard. And then warnings of thunderstorms for the next 2 or 3 days. This is get'n old.

My wonderful plans for tuesday went in the sewer....glug, glug, glug, just like that. Ya see, I were watch'n the weather forecasts for next week and tuesday was gonna be a perfect day for a fish'n trip out on the lake in the "bubba boat". Done made plans to pack up a nice picnic lunch, can of Spam an' a loaf of bread....spend the whole day at the lake....that what I were gonna do. But now the forecast has changed to thunderstorms and 15 to 20 mile a hour north winds for that day. "Boy howdy Billy Bob, are you sure you want to catch up a 14 pounds bass"?

 Yes sir ree Bob, this gonna be some good eat'n that for sure....after I cooks it for a spell.

See what I was tole ya....that's perfect.

I were sit'n there on "da porch" sip'n up a cup of fresh brew an' the damn flame go out.....pooof, just like that. What the hell now? I'm rekon I'm bout out of propane. Damn stuff just leak out somewheres. Yeah you guessed it, I forgot to turn the valve off at the bottle. But there were enough flame left to almost burn it like I like it. That sure were one good chicken laig.

Sure am I glad I got that ol' chicken leg out the way try'n to get it where I want it in this post. Damn thing jump all over the place. Editing is your friend ya know. Give ya a chance to check spelling of simple everyday words create a sentence what makes a little sense. Some people don't do that ya know an' they end up with a whole page of gibberish....what nobody know what the hell they talk'n bout. I don't do that ya know. Everything I publish is clear an' precise. Well sometimes.

I were sit'n on a little hillside overlook'n a beautiful and peaceful little valley with my childhood sweetheart of many years past, Phyllis was her name. It had been 45 long years since I last seen her. This would be our last. We talked for a while bout what we had done with all those years and how our lives had turned out. I smiled as I looked down at her with a tear in my eye. We watched in silence as the sun was go'n down over her peaceful little valley. As I stood to leave, I looked down at her headstone, said a quiet little "I love you", turned and walked away. Rest in peace Phyllis. Life can be hard at times.

Ok....on with my day. May it be a good'un.
"Do the dishes Billy Bob. Ya got freak'n bugs fly'n all round in the kitchen".