Thursday, March 15, 2012

Snake bit....

Old Billy Bob has stepped in many traps in his day, but he has also set many traps of his own. Yesterdays post was one such trap....and I catched up a weasel.

On with the day. You guessed it, there ain't no wind blow'n again this morn'n. Just like yesterday morn'n. Mother Nature is trying my patience by start'n off with a perfect day and bout the time I get all fire up to head off to the lake, she throws a monkey wrench in my fire. Ok....look'n at this weeks weather forecast, I can expect 18 mile a hour wind "again" this afternoon and the same for the next 4 or 5 days. And then.....a week of beautiful weather with winds in the single digits. I can live with that. But what to do in the mean time?

It's been suggested that I "give up and move to a retirement home". Well, I gave that much thought and the idea gives me shiver bumps all over. As long as I can still swak a golf ball 200 yards, cast a fish'n plug in a 5 gallon bucket bout a hunnert feets away, have the energy to blow up a "bubba boat" (not often), and git out of bed every morn'n with a whole new outlook on life, I think I will just continue to traipse around the country "do'n my thang". Sure I have a few health issues that weren't there before. And a few problems what come my way ever now an' then, but not to the point that I would give up.

Ok.....here's the plan. Since the wind ain't blow'n yet....although the fish ain't been bit'n in the morn'ns.....I'm off to the lake. Me an' Sadie Mae.
What the hell is this? Good eat'n?
11:45.....or there 'bouts
Is all I can manage to do is make silly mistakes? Ya see, I was at the local fish'n hole right at bout 8:30. The wind was blow'n over there, but it weren't blow'n at "da house". I had done figgered I would have time to blow up the "bubba boat" an' go out on the lake, but was too late....wind blow'n a hunnert mile a hour. So's I break out the waders an' walks out there where them bass fish live. I casted an' casted up under bushes, out in the open seas....I casted everwheres. Nobody was home. Probably out in the middle of the lake grocery shopp'n or hav'n a birthday party for one their fish puppys. That what ya call a young fish what ain't learn to walk yet.

But I ain't done yet. I was sit'n in "that jeep" an' decides it was time I gonna go home. Turns the key an' "click" or plunk, or what ever ya wanna call it. "I tole ya Billy Bob to change the starter last week". I were get'n all prepared for crawl'n up under that thing and yank'n that starter clean out, throw it out in the lake an' put the new one in. But 'fore I do that....knock the hell out it with a hammer. What I did. Sparks fly ever which way every time I swak it. Get back in an' turn the key....start right up....I'm good to go. See....I can fix stuff.

Rekon I gonna do some house clean'n now.....maybe. Dishes, vacuum, take the trash out, wash some winders....stuff like that. But that depends on if'n I can stay clear that comfortable couch over there. You know what I'm talk'n bout....nap time.


  1. Hello Dad, I posted a doozy, but this dang blog would not accept the sign in, what a let down. after all that i forgot what I said. any way have a good day.
    your son
    william the law dog
    crackin skull and taking names.

  2. RETIREMENT HOME, ASSISTED LIVING, NURSING HOME, around here them words are sure to get a big war started if even muttered in private. If you don't believe me then just ask my 88 yr old Momma.

  3. Glad you are going fishing. A bad day's fishing is better than a day at home in the RV. Catch up a bunch. BTW, I like snakes. . .

  4. Please stay out of retirement homes. Lots of people get cranky when they get old, and you don't want to risk ruining your good disposition.

  5. It's that bird's fault, eating all those fish.
    I remember swacking a starter a few times, works too.

  6. "Probably out in the middle of the lake grocery shopp'n or hav'n a birthday party for one their fish puppys. That what ya call a young fish what ain't learn to walk yet."

    JAJAJAJAJA...that is why I love reading your blog :)