Friday, March 2, 2012

FIRE...we got a fire....

Ya see, it's like this....yesterday I were sit'n out there on "da porch", not really a porch ya know, but you know what I'm talk'n bout.....when I get's this grand idea. Grill up that slab of pork ribs.
All were go'n just great. Had the grill set on bout 275 deg, ribs all season up with some cheap BBQ sause an' I were sit'n back enjoy'n a fresh cup of coffee. Then the wind kick up a notch so's I crank up the temp on the ribs....a notch.
YIKES....we got fire, break out the water hose.
Now I mean to tell ya, the underside them ribs is crisp....like a log on fire. So's I break out some tools, hammers and cheisels  and chip off all that burn stuff. Make them ribs look like brand spank'n new. Made me up some tater salad, but when I went look'n for pickles, there weren't none. Only a pickle jar full of jalepenos. "What ya think Billy Bob...jalepeno tater salad"?? After much debate it was decided to leave the jalepenos in the jar.

Was a fine eat'n meal even if'n I do say so myself.

Remember that big ol' flag what I fount in the dumpster bout 8 months ago? I were look'n at my new camp with all the trees and ...walla, mounted that flag.
Now that's what I'm talk'n bout. Big ol' sucker ain't it?

Things ain't look'n too good. Minnesota Mike is leav'n tomorrow for Florida and that Brian feller ain't showed up to take me fish'n in his brand spank'n new bass fish'n boat. Talk to another feller last night camped right next to me....with his hi dollar bass fish'n boat. He catch'ed up a 11 pounds 12 ounce bass. And the fish'n is "off" with the last cold snap we had. Them "lady" bass ought to be mov'n into shallow water any day now. Water temp is up and weather look'n good.

Boy howdy what a difference it makes to not have electricity hook up to "da house". By 9pm the old Billy Bob was ready for bed. Ain't no more this stuff stay up till midnight watch'n Mexican tv an' all that internet stuff.

Speak'n of batteries, remember a few months back I was cry'n an' whin'n bout my batteries go'n down for no reason? Well, that what they was do'n last night...and with only 2 lights turn on. Rekon it's that time to hunt me up a place to buy some brand spank'n new ones. "And check the water in them once in a while Billy Bob". "An' ya might wanna clean the crusty look'n terminals on them too". Sheesh....batteries.

No special plans for the day. Maybe lay back and do some serious think'n...take me up a nap....stuff like that.

Ok, this is the second time somebody mentioned that my blog is double posts. I'm now on Firefox mak'n a test edit to see if it's my browser or what.

Oh yeah, while I'm at it....Brian showed up last night after I went to bed. Met him this morn'n. Seems like a nice young feller, 'specially since he invited me to fish with him. More on that later.


  1. Damn Billy Bob, I'm seein' two things about We Got Fire and shakin' my head an' closin' one eye'n the other 'til da wife says, Ya silly ol' man, there's two posts of the same thing! I'm still a bit dizzy but I'll manage.


  2. Yum, yum, that tater salad looks good. Haven't had any of that for way too long. I am already dizzy, so the second posting of your blog didn't bother me. In fact, I didn't know it was there until I read the comment above. Go catch some of those lady bass. Just turn on that Bily-Bob charm.

  3. What ya talk'n bout "two post'ns"?
    I only see one, so's somebody need to 'splain to me what go'n on. If you talk'n bout my blog show'n up at the top, that cause I edit a few times before I call it done.
    But then again, maybe it's cause I been us'n Google Chrome for the last few days.

  4. Ok, I went an' check this stuff out. Yup, there is two postings. WTH with that. So here what I gonna do...switch over to Firefox and do a edit....see if'n it corrects the "two post" thingy.

  5. Oh boy, now I'm hungry! Those ribs look delicious. You should follow Minnesota Mike down to Florida. We've got plenty of places to fish, and the climate is perfect this time of year.

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  6. Yep, I see two posts. Double the fun, Billy Bob!