Friday, April 5, 2013

Shrimps....$1 a pound

I was sit'n there on the couch sip'n up a cup....think'n. That Mississippi riverboat is sit'n across the room on the hobby table, sometimes used as a camp table when boondocking. That damn boat needs to go back on it's perch on the wall. But.....it's dirty an' needs a bath.

The boat and hobby table was moved outside in the sunshine. Squirt bottles were filled with cleaning solution and fresh rinse water. A old electric toothbrush is used as a clean'n device. Two hours later, the boat is clean as a babies butt, dry'n out there on the hobby table. Oh crap, is that a warp I see. Yup it is. As the wet wood dried, it warped. But fortunately, it's out of sight....and repairable....just not today. Won't be giv'n the boat no more baths.

It's been a good two weeks since I've felt "among the living". I would'a thought that by this time, I would be all well.....swak'n golf balls, fish'n, camp'n, go'n down the road a hunnert mile a hour....stuff like that. I knowed all along that the body wears slap out with age, but damn, this sucks. Five minutes on my feet an' I got to find somewheres to sit down for bout 10 minutes.....sip'n up a cup ya know. I don't feel up to go'n nowheres, wash'n dishes, every day chores....nuttin, I don't feel like do'n nuttin.

Well maybe, just maybe, I'll go swak me up a few golf'n balls this afternoon. It's a beautiful day outside, 65 degs, bout 8 mile a hour wind an' I'm hungry for the "Greasy Churn" (Butter Churn) eat 'em up place. Fridays is seafood day an' the old Billy Bob sure do like seafood. Big ol' handfull of fried shrimps......uh huh, yum yum eat 'em up.

Speak'n of shrimps....Did I ever tell ya bout the time....I were a shrimp boat captain. Way back in '68 or 9, I bought me up a old black 35 foots bay shrimp'n boat. When I drove that old shrimp boat from Galveston, Texas to Texas City, the steer'n was slap ass backards. Ya turn the wheel to go right an' the damn thing go left. What the hell??? Well, I got that all fix up real quick like and proceeded to make my first million dollars.....$$$$$, yeee haw! And a very small start to a million dollars it was. Forrest Gump comes to mind.  Fresh catched shrimp was sell'n for $1 a pound off the boats. What ya didn't sell off the boat, ya had to either freeze or hussle the restaurants all hours of the night. All in all, I'm think'n I had me bout a dollar profit from that old shrimp'n boat.....give or take a few $$$. Word from the wise.....don't go out buy'n no shrimp'n boats. 

What I recall mostly bout that old shrimp'n boat was lunch time. I would open my lunch sack an' what do ya suppose was in it? Shrimps. I got so sick of eat'n shrimp I didn't ever want to see another damn shrimp  as long as I lived. I had fried shrimp, boiled shrimp, shrimp burgers, shrimp tacos....shrimp everthing. A big ol' juicy hamburger would be nice. Or a big ol' greasy pork chop betwix a couple slabs of bread. Anything but shrimps.

Ok, I gots to figger out what I gonna do the rest of the day.....laters.


  1. Just a little curious, what else did you drag in using that big ole shrimp net? I bet there was other edible stuff in that net. Maybe you been sitting in one place too long. The Bill Bob is a travel'n man, right?

  2. Many of my blogs I read daily...their authors seem to be feeling like you are. Perhaps as soon as the warm weather arrives you will look at things differently.

  3. I will try to tell you,,,maybe I'll get it right. Right click on whichever one in your archives you want, (I did 2012, the year) then click on save target as,,,(mine goes to documents) give it it's name, and,,,they will go to your documents. Then you can put them on a flash drive, or whatever. I just tried it and mine went there, so gl.

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