Thursday, December 18, 2014

A day in the life of Billy Bob....uncensored

Ok, I only got a hour. Very important appointment at 10:30am.

Boy howdy I had me some good think'n times last night. I was go'n down the road a hunnert mile a hour in "Sally da house", the "billy jeep" sway'n in the breeze an' the "bubba boat" an' fish'n poles hang'n out the back winder. Hmmmmm, that sounds more like a nightmare than a good time. But anyhows, thoughts of travel have returned to my mind. But not very far. Have ya ever been to Alaska???

No I ain't think'n bout no trip to Alaska. It gets cold up there ya know. A trip to Alaska an' back to south Texas would take me right at a year or so. An' I'm skeered of big ass bears that eat retired people.

On top of that, I'm get'n the hobby urge again. It's been two weeks ya know since I worked on that tug boat. So, you may be hear'n all bout tug boats for the next few weeks....or until I sink it.

Then I also been think'n bout swak'n up some golf'n balls. I get all excitis when my mind turns that way.
Oh, speak'n of golf ball swak'n, me an' the OFM Barney will be at the Sinton golf course in bout 45 minutes. With his hurt back from pick'n up dirty clothes, I'll have a much better chance of beat'n him today. Think'n we'll be pretty much equal handicapped today.

Ok, I wrote enough today to set yer minds ablaze with my every day activities. Enjoy....hee hee hee.


  1. Lately, sitting in that chair of mine (like yours) i've been nodding off when i'm watching tv. Never done this before. lol. Soooo, that chair is more for sleep, than sit. Got up about 3 am and slept in it til about 7.

  2. Sounds like you got things under control. Good luck on the golf'n course!

  3. So you're going to actually put the tugboat in the water? I hope you take pictures. Good luck on the golf game, and tell the OFM I said good luck to him too!

  4. Alaska has been on my mind since I was a kid & my Dad mentioned getting a boat & going all the way up the inland passage. He was with Standard oil & had spent time in Alaska on the tankers.