Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hip don't hurt....this cain't be true

Yikes, I over sleeped this morn'n. But that's Ok with me, I ain't got nuttin planned for the day.

The water leak repair yesterday was a piece of cake. Not find'n the correct water leak connecters for the water lines in "Sally da house", I went with a plastic hose connecter an' a couple hose clamps. It don't leak, so it must be a job well done. So how much does it cost to fix a water leak. If'n you live in a house, let's say bout $300 or so. But, if' ya live in a RV, somewheres bout $3.79 to $6. People what live in RV's don't call plumbers ya know.

Yesterday also turned out to be a excellent day for pain levels an' stomach rumbles. I hurted a bit when I first rolled out of bed, but a couple hours later I was in great shape. An' it lasted all the ways up till 1:45am when I went to bed. But, that right hip hurt like hell this morn'n.....before my dose of Advil. I'm think'n I need to do some inspection of that bed.

I was look'n under my desktop this morn'n. That's where I keep all my hobby stuff. My god, what a disaster. There's ignition switch tools lay'n up under there, a pair of old dirty socks, screwdrivers an' a box of screws an' a moldy pig ear Sadie Mae been chew'n on....a skill saw an' a big ol'
 hammer.....duck tape an' WD-40. I need to do some clean up under there.

I'm almost bout ready to get back to work'n on that tug boat. It's been a while ya know an' I got a ton of stuff yet to be done to it. Installing radio gear out of the airplane means I'm gonna have a airplane inside the house for a few days. Hmmmm, one day I would love to put that airplane in the air. But that's another project somewheres down the road a piece.

With my hobbies, I should never be bored. I got a couple guns to shoot (.357 magnum old timey western revolver, .410 Snake Charmer shotgun with pistol grip, .22 Henery lever action rifle an' a gifted .40 cal automatic (midnight special). I got a ton of fish'n poles an' lures. I got a blow up boat fish'n boat ("bubba boat"). I got two remote control boats (Mississippi river boat an' that tug boat). A airplane to modify to electric powered. Shoot, I'm good for the next 3 or 4 years. I am not short on hobby projects.

Now what I would really like to have is a remote control bulldozer. Priced the plastic models on the internet. Anywheres from $200 to $500. But, I ain't want'n plastic. The metal ones costs are in the thousands. An' they weigh more than I can pick up......bout a hunnert pounds. "Billy Bob, let's just forget bulldozers an' finish what we got". I think that's a good idea....just forget it.

I've been look'n round for another project to make my life easier. Ha, lookie here, let's put a homemade wheel on the swivel base for that chair. Make it much easier to pull away from an' back to the wall.

 Just something to do when I ain't got nuttin to do.

We gonna get us some rain for the next few days accord'n to the weather forecasters. This would be a perfect time to hit up Walmart (need refills on meds) an' a few groceries, Lowes for some vinyl floor'n an' oak trim, pick up mail in Port Aransas an' get me some smokes. Don't be throw'n no rocks at me 'cause I mentioned smokes. I'll pick them rocks back up an' throw 'em right back at ya. I've said it once an' I'll say it again....smokes don't make a person "scum of the earth". At this point, I could say something bout "Twinkies".

Ok, let's do something......maybe.


  1. Always something to do, and whatever ya feels like.

  2. Daddy, it's me. Sorry it's been taken so long but here I am. been working ya know here there and all over. Very glad to hear that your getting back to normal and your stress has eased up. well I read you have the new switch in and working, you playing golf, and thinking of your hobbies.
    Sure whish you could take the cold better, I would like for you too be closer, I miss you and think about your health. Okay I'll write more later. Love you

  3. You sure do keep busy. Maybe you should take a brake and go fishing.

  4. BB...check out these remote control boats...one is a tug.


    bigfoot in FTW