Saturday, December 20, 2014

An attempt to not be bored today.....Ha Ha, right

Yee gads, you talk bout a boring day. That was yesterday. So far, today is a boring day too. The news is boring. Television programs are boring. My big ol' pot of chicken tater noodle soup come out boring. Anybody can make a pot of chicken tater noodle soup. Yes....boring is real....there ain't no doubt bout it. Especially at Billy Bob's house.....where there ain't nuttin to do. Even Sadie Mae is bored. Having to eat the same ol' boring dry dog food. Sleep'n in the same ol' boring place every night. Pee'n in the same ol' boring place out in the yard.

To break the boredom yesterday, I got to think'n bout that chair over there. Let's get busy an' build that wheel for it. Tools are breaked out, what are now lay'n all over the floor. A chunk of angle aluminum was lugged into the house. Measurements was took an' we start cut'n, file here an' there....drill holes. Then I got slap bored. Lay that sucker down an' ain't touch it again. 

That soup, it turn out pretty darn good. But, I over boil it. Ya see, nephew Frank come by for a visit an' we got to talk'n. All the while, the soup is boil'n away. Okra done turn to snot, noodles over cooked, taters turn to mush, chicken fall'n to pieces. Then I tastes it. My god, that is some good soup. Season up just right.

This morn'n, my back pains was way up there. All bended over mak'n my morn'n coffee. This is what I was skeered would happen. Now all I got to do is figger out what I'm gonna do bout it. Run slap out of Advil, but I got me a great big ol' bottle of Aspirin Back an' Pain (500mg) an' a bunch of them Tylenol III's left.

Boy howdy, ain't no way I'm gonna go to Walmart until after Christmas. My god, have ya ever see so many people shop'n for last minute deals??? I got me enough groceries to last another month or so, but I do need to refill my meds. An' speak'n of meds, I'm down to two prescriptions for my heart an' one for my poor old lungs. The other stuff I take is over the counter....acid reducer an' pain relievers (Advil an' Bayer Aspirin).

I'm think'n if'n the OFM Barney is up to it, we can play us a round of golf ball swak'n Monday morn'n. It's supposed to be a excellent day for that kind of stuff. A 77 degs day full of sunshine an' a 12 mile a hour wind. Perfect. With Barney's fresh warshed golf'n clubs, I'll stand very little chance of whoop'n his ass ever again. Hmmmmm, what if'n I warshed my clubs too????

Ok, I'm bored again. Need to find something to do. Laters....       


  1. warshin ball swackers leads to thinking about swacking golf balls and that leads to practice what gits rid of boredom.

  2. Barney is right - maybe you'd better get busy cleaning up your golf ball swackers (sorry, I just can't type "warshin" and keep a straight face).