Saturday, December 13, 2014

Quick Update.....New part installation day has arrived

I have absolutely nuttin to write about this morn'n.

Well, I could mention a wonderful round of golf yesterday with the OFM Barney. There was very little time spent in the woods look'n for golf balls. We was hit'n 'em right down the middle of the fairways....unfamiliar territory for me an' Barney. Many mishits was made, but we didn't care, it's "only a game" ya know. Our putt'n skills ain't improved none since out last game bout 6 months ago, but it ain't got no worst neither. It was a two putt day. Final 18 hole scores were right up there with other experienced amateur golfers.

I've waited for the last couple three days to tackle the chore of install'n that new ignition switch. But today, I will tackle that chore with both feet. Will inform you later how this project (fix it) turns out. I have all the confidence in the world, but there's always that "what if" float'n round in my mind. I've found that the older ya get, the more "what if's" enter your mind. Git'n old sucks.

The weather in south Texas is absolutely beautiful. This next front on the horizon is supposed bring some rain showers an' drop the temps a couple three degs. Shoot, I can live with upper 60's lower 70's daytime with no problems at all. Sure as hell beats freez'n slap to death.

Sadie Mae does not bathe on a regular basis. This means she gonna get that chair all dirty in nuttin flat. Ya see, the upholstery on that thing is a velvety cloth....everthing stick to it like glue.....super glue. I did tell ya she took over MY chair, right? Anyhows, I'm in the market for a "that chair" cover, or what ever ya call it. Have yet to apply Scottsguard. Where the hell does Walmart put the Scottsguard?

So far so good with the back pains. Biggest deal right now is that right hip what hurts all the time. Not as serious as a couple months ago in Georgia, but serious enough that I know it's still there. Had I knowed when I first arrived in Georgia bout this nerve kill''n thing, I would have had it done right then an' there. But then it got too close to freez'n cold weather to get it done (bout 4 to 6 week procedure)....I had to get back to warmer temps in south Texas. In Corpus Christi, there are a couple places that do this procedure. Maybe down the road a piece I will do it. Just not today.

Boy howdy, I ain't been think'n bout that tug boat for a while. It could use some attention. Got lots to do yet.
Now, think'n bout these two remote control boats, the Mississippi sternwheeler an' this tug boat....I got a remote control airplane. It has radio gear in it an' a 4 channel transmitter sit'n back there on a shelf. The airplane is scheduled for "modification". That remote control stuff in the airplane will work on the boats. Hobbywise, I'm set for the next couple three years. Think'n, with all the remote control stuff I got, I could build me a automatic knitt'n machine for my later years.

Ok, I got things to do. You should see my Walmart list. My god, I gonna be tote'n a ton of stuff. But I'll eat'n good. "No Walmart today Billy Bob, you got a switch to install".

Not much later....the switch is installed, wire connectors plug in an' other components mounted.

 See, didn't I tole you....I can do it. The ignition switch operates just like a brand spank'n new one....after one minor adjustment. Starter engage an' engine crank right up.....Yeeee Haaaa!!!! Now if'n the hi beam low beam light switch works right, it's adjustable too, we ready to button this thing up an' call it a successful day.        


  1. Take your ibuprofen before you start doing the contortionist moves to install that switch.

  2. Just about ready to hit the roads again. Way to go Hero.

  3. Congratulations on a job well done. Last time I looked, Scotchguard was in the Sewing Department at W-W. And serious congrats on the golf game. That's not something most mere mortals can say - my game gets up and goes away if I even stop thinking about it for a week.

  4. Yahoo good golfin game and fixed Sally all up. Now you can relax for a day or two before hittin the road

  5. You're a genius! And, you just saved a ton of money too. Now you should be able to relax. Maybe that will help with all the aches and pains.

  6. Goodness gracious Billy! Ya got more tools out than me ! I'm always surprised, when I get done with a "small" project, with how many tools I've got out. I've noticed that in your project pics. Glad to hear it's warmer. Getting our replacement engine installed this weekend. We decided to "motel" it til the work is done. Stuck in Alabama. ( many cool nights so far) Rolling Earthquake.blogspot --Charlie

  7. Sounds like a god day to me! Winner all around...!

  8. Glad it was "an easy" fix. Bet it takes you longer to put back your driver's seat.