Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Water on the floor.....Oh no!!!

Holy crap, I've been back to south Texas for a week an' all I got done was to replace a ignition switch an' play a couple rounds of golf ball swak'n with the OFM Barney. I'm get'n "Sally da house" back into liveable condition little by little.

On today's agenda is to repair a leak'n water line up under the sink. Ya see, there was water on the floor. There ain't supposed to be water on the floor. Sadie Mae was immediately accused of slop'n her drink'n water all over the place. It weren't Sadie Mae. Did you know, living in a RV is the same as living in a sticks an' bricks house? Stuff breaks, an' when stuff breaks, you got to fix it. Bet ya a dollar the old Billy Bob ain't gonna be call'n no dad gum high dollar plumber.

Just a short note bout that golf'n game yesterday. I ain't swaked a golf ball like that in a hunnert years. In case you're wonder'n, a score of 91 is a wonderful score for a 73 year old amateur golfer. Think'n I ain't cuss one time for the entire game.

Me an' Barney was hungry. But my stomach was in bad shape. Two doses of Alka Seltzer weren't much help. "Let's try the Greasy Churn Barney, I need a big ol' salad". They was closed on Monday. Have ya ever eat a #3 at the Mexican food eat'n place? That's what I end up with. Two more doses of Alka Seltzer when I return to "da house". Hmmmmm, how comes my stomach is giv'n me these problems all a sudden? Nobody takes Alka Seltzer 4 times in one day.  

Some people are pissed.

They was talk'n bout a cold front in south Texas. Well I rekon this is it. It's a chilling 64 degs outside.

Ok, this is it, I'm done for the day. I got a water line to fix.


  1. You had a good game of golf and a not-so-good-for-you lunch, with a great friend, Barney. I guess you take the good with the not-so-good.

  2. Great golf game BB, its cooler but not cold.
    Yeah get that water line fixed.

  3. "In case you're wonder'n, a score of 91 is a wonderful score"

    Thanks for clarifying that :)