Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Plans....what plans?

I have a plan......ha ha ha, yeah we all know how plans work at Billy Bob's house. Don't rekon I need to say no more bout that. Plans suck.

By the time I got back to "da house" from Walmart, it was freak'n dark out side. I don't do dark. Well, I don't drive in dark. But last night, it was a emergency....I had to find my way home. Ya see, "yo mama" told me how crowded the Walmart was in Villa Rica, just 10 miles up the road. So I went to this little burg bout 15 mile south of where I'm camped. A little hick town. With one the biggest Walmarts ya ever see in your life. I was in that sucker for over 2 1/2 hour, an' only got me a half a buggy of stuff. Man I like look'n at stuff in Walmart.

When I finally hit the park'n lot, the sun was almost gone. It's gonna be dark in just a few minutes. I've never been to this Walmart, how the hell do I get back home? "Ya should'a turn back there Billy Bob". You guessed it, Billy Bob is lost. It ain't often you will find me ask'n nobody for directions, but I pull into this convenience store. With head hung low, shoulders slumped, in a low whisper voice, I'm ask'n the pretty lady "how the hell do I get back to "Yo Mama's RV Resort"......the road go'n to Villa Rica?

Groceries an' hobby supplies put away, I eat me up some supper. I get all sleepy like. My eyes are fall'n down. That chair sit'n over there is say'n to me...."come sit with me Billy Bob, I'll fix ya right up". I remember the last time that chair say that to me.....I don't go near that chair. Sadie Mae jump up in it an' BAM, she sound asleep.....just like that.

Anyhows, this morn'n I was gonna hit the road. It's a beautiful day. Sunshiny an' warm. But wait.....I sleeped in this morn'n. I still got some stuff to do. It would be 1pm before I could even think bout pull'n out of here. I still have propane to buy an' a black water tank to empty. Hmmmmm....check the weather forecasts. It's cold in Texas. It's cold on I-10 headed west. I'm think'n it's winter time....that's Brrrrrrrr weather. Mid 40's at night is winter. But that's OK, I ain't in no big hurry....maybe tomorrow we can put the first 200 mile on the speedo. Keep in mind, I don't drive in dark.

That poor hip hurted like a sum-a-gun this morn'n. Advil still ain't kicked in. I'm think'n a little stress has something to do with it. Damn, stress sucks. If I could have only had that surgery. Well, I could have had it, but then there's the possibility I may not be here this morn'n. Breathing air. Ya see, when I had my open heart surgery, it took forever to get my lungs to work again. That was one big concern of the back doctor here in Georgia.

Now, with that said, don't nobody think I'm gonna be fine when I get back to Texas. I'm gonna be the same as I was when I left. Maybe possibly a little better, but I ain't gonna bet no money on it. If'n ya got a rod knock'n in the engine, an' ya don't get it fixed, it's still gonna knock. Simple as that. 

Ok, I got some stuff to get done. Don't want that shit fly'n round go'n down the road a hunnert mile a hour.
See ya in the morn'n.


  1. 7 day forecast just now, very mild, 60s, 50s at nite for here.

  2. Won't be long now, I reckon. Plans are like rules sometimes...made to be broken!

  3. That road will be there for a long time - don't leave until you are entirely ready!

  4. 4 specks over the railing, 75, bright sun and genteel breeze here in Rockport this morning at 1130.

  5. No need to rush, Texas waiting for you.
    Arizona is calling our name, all that sunshine, dirt, dust and cactus. Soo looks like we could be headin out that way soon.