Wednesday, December 10, 2014

We got update......Grrrrrrrr to ignition switches

I was sit'n here yesterday, an' I got to think'n bout that trip. That was a stupit stunt if'n I ever did see a stupit stunt. Nobody in their right mind would go down the road a hunnert mile a hour in a big ol' motorhome that could, an' would, shut slap down at any time.

The trip stress is behind me now, but guess what....I been sicker an' a dog. Yesterday turn out to be terrible after a fair start in the morn'n. Food don't stay down. I got muscles what hurt I ain't used in years. Blood pressure run'n high. An' my dad gum brain is all haywire. My only thoughts are on that dad gum ignition switch an' how to get that sucker out. Last night, I am still up at 3am go'n clickity clickity click....still research'n. I find nothing, absolutely nothing on replacement of MY ignition switch. "Shoot Billy Bob, grab holt to some wrenches an' take some stuff apart".

So, on todays agenda, I plan to remove bolts from the driver seat an' throw that sucker plumb out the way. That will give me access to the steering column bolts. If'n all works out, the steering column will drop far enough for access to the dreaded ignition switch. See what I'm talk'n bout my brain go haywire? This is all that is on my mind. Well no, wait a minute. More stress on the scene. There have been suggestions that something else could be the problem an' not the ign switch. This is a motorhome an' motorhome manufacturers add shit to a perfectly work'n system  an' screw it up best they can. Like the addition of the battery control system. It don't just control the batteries, it controls all kinds of stuff. Like the solenoid that shuts down all power to the chassis fuse panels. Be like disconnect'n the battery. Or the addition of a big ass fuse on a wire I have no idea what it's for or where it goes.

But anyhows, this is my plan for the day. Will let ya know laters how things work out.

A few hours later update......

Holy cows, I want you lookie here....

I tear shit slap apart yeah I do....

This is a Billy Bob's "Sally da house" ignition switch....in hand.

Burned slap up contacts....I bet ya a dollar.

Thorough inspection of this switch, there is no part number recognized by Mr Google. But, I know the part number an' I know it's green, an' I know it's in Washington state.....if'n I want a green one. A quick trip to the auto parts sell'n place may give me a alternative.....like a black one. As long as it works is all I care.
But, as suggested, there may still be another problem. God I hate to say that.

I ate the rest of my Webber grill pizza a while ago. Took me up some Alka Seltzer not long after. Grrrrrrrr....this shit piss me off.  



  1. Nobody can figure out why RV manufacturers do things the way they do. That's why if I ever get another RV it will be a tear drop camper with no accessories, refrigerator, a/c, tv, water pump, etc. I'll do everything the old fashioned way - it will just be a place for me to sleep. I can see how your problems can keep you awake at night. Your plan to get to the bottom of it sounds reasonable, but I hope you don't overdo it all at once.

  2. I am sure you will get it all figured out and running like a charm. Good Luck!

  3. Hope you find the problem and get it fixed, easily. I am having problems with my batteries and such, too. But, since the RV is sitting in my driveway, it isn't as bad as breaking down on the side of the road. Good luck and try not to get to frustrated. At least, you were able to get to where Barney is parked.

  4. Not sure what chassis you have but found this information for a workhorse chassis and thought it might help: >>> NAPA part# for late 90's GM ignition switch known to fit 2001 Workhorse P32 gas chassis is as follows; KS6622 ECHLIN Price 26.92 Net price to me as a loyal NAPA buyer = 13.16 . To change out switch; locate and remove steering column support yoke (8 bolts). Lift wires from Dimmer switch and Shifter lockout switch solenoid. Remove Ground wire from Shifter lockout switch body. Remove the rest of the mounting screws from this assembly and zip-tie it up out of the way. At this point remove Ignition switch mounting screws.Carefully remove it from the relay rod that drops from the ignition switch cylinder lock. Now lift 2 harnesses from old switch and place them onto new switch. Operate the slide in the switch with a dull pointed tool. Check that you have cranking, with ignition, on function, and accessory position function. Reassemble all the hardware and electrical connections. Make sure you have re-inserted the Ignition switch relay rod and the Dimmer switch relay rods. Adjust the Dimmer switch for proper operation, at the mounting screws. Before replacing the steering column support yoke retest all Ignition switch functions, Dimmer switch up and down, and Shifter lockout. Shifter should not move from park position until ignition is on and foot-brake pedal is depressed. If not working as described then recheck the 2 wire harness on the Shifter lockout switch solenoid. To the best of my limited memory, this is how I did it. Good luck to all. By the way, Saluda is in Saluda County South Carolina. It is the real one.

  5. This ain't no update.....I'll do that tomorrow.
    Me an' my trusty wonderful dog Sadie Mae took us a little trip to town. The auto parts store. I give the parts guy a number an' his assistant goes to the back an' come back with a ignition switch. Looks exactly like mine, other than color. Anybody like blue??? $12.99 later we headed back to the house. I plug in wiring connecter....dad gum key buzzer thing go off, skeer hell out me...dash board lights up like a Christmas tree. Yeeee haaaa!!!

    1. Yeeee haaaa!!! You fixed it Billy Bob!

    2. Ain't quite fixed yet Croft. I didn't do a engine start test. Put'n all that stuff back together an' then you can say You fixed it Billy Bob. But I'll take all the yeee haaa's you can throw this way.

    3. Are you telling us it is FIXED? If this be the case, all that worry and frustration was not necessary, gettin' your blood pressure hiked up. (Ha, mine really spiked today when I got pulled over by the cops! a $100 fine! I could cry.)

      Thibideau really tensed me up. I'm to the point I get wound up and tangled even trying to read directions on a cake mix box; much less something mechanical. And this whole situation, hearing about the quirks and fixing things on an RV have completely rid me of my great burning desire that I could be in one "traveling along free as a breeze". Shucks, I wouldn't know nothing about fixing anything, such as you do so easily, it seems. (You only highlight my ignorance every time you get to working on a problem).

      Guess I'll continue decaying right here in my same 30 year spot.

      Anyways, that's a good deal getting the part so cheap and you'll have that Sally da house fixed soon and probably ready to roll on down the road another fer piece.

  6. Glad you got the switch. You have a very nice motorhome. Now you can relax a bit and enjoy!

  7. Glad to see you're making progress! WOW, what a trip!! Had me mesmerized. You're a goofy as I am! We " gutsy people" will do some stupid sh** ! I seem to be drawn to mid 80 MH's because I can work on them. No electronics or automatic emergency brakes thank God. I've had to "coast into" a few spots after a shutdown and I'm really glad I could. Keep up the excitement BB , good reading if nothing else !! :) Hope ya settle down and relax when you're done with this annoyance !

  8. How about that PPL Motorhome place in Houston? I have bought several parts from them,good prices and quick shipping.

  9. DD i call 30 miles "next to", too, after being in Georgia!!!!

  10. That switch looks burnt & replacing what you know is broken is never a bad step in the process.